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IBM Support Portal Systems
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IBM Support Portal Available     Available
Search functionality Available     Available
Document display

Problem description:
Technical support and knowledge base documents are not available.

Affected areas:
Product documentation (manuals), Plan and install documentation, Flashes, alerts and bulletins, Troubleshooting documentation, All product support content, Featured links, Document display

developerWorks Available     Available
Fix downloads Available     Available
Notifications Available     Available
Warranty information Available     Available
Service Request Available     Available
User registration, authentication, and profiling Available     Available
Hardware content Available     Available
Software support data Available     Available
Contract information Available     Available
ETS Report data Available     Available
ESA system inventory reports Available     Available
Product names and versions Available     Available
Technical support chat Available     Available
Forums, blogs and social media Available     Available
Product support lifecycle Available     Available
Support registrations Available     Available