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Help keep your IT staff productive with fast, accurate, remote technical support for your System x environment

When it comes to remote software and hardware support, you expect fast, accurate answers that help keep your IT staff productive. But in your complex, multi-vendor operating environment, it's not always easy to find the level of expertise you need, much less a solution, that also gives you flexible options designed to meet your unique requirements. The IBM portfolio of remote support offerings provides world class usage and defect support for a broad range of Products running on System x hardware, including Microsoft®, Linux, IBM Director, Clustering, Storage Area Networks, Disk and Tape, etc., as well as, installation, configuration and usage support for System x hardware products.

Choosing the correct support model for your Microsoft® and/or Linux products is as important as choosing the hardware and software itself. Factors to consider include cost of downtime, skills retention, 24x7 coverage, overheads, customer satisfaction, and many others. IBM provides the following usage and defect support offerings in most countries for the Microsoft® and Linux , as well as, installation, configuration and usage support for System x hardware products.

Cluster Environments

Microsoft and Linux Cluster Support
Hardware and Clustering configuration, installation and "how to" support is offered via the IBM Remote Technical Support Services - ServicePac for System x (xSeries) or IBM Operational Services - Support Line Offerings.

Note: High Performance Clustering (parallel computing) is not included in the RTS ServicePacs. Customers with this need should purchase "Support Line for Linux Clusters", by calling 888-426-4343, opt 3.

Linux Cluster 1350
This comprehensive solution provides hardware installation and hardware problem determination / problem source identification remote support as part of the package.

Customers must separately purchase one of the Linux distributions supported by the Cluster 1350 and have the option of installing the software themselves or contracting with IBM or IBM Business Partners. For higher level, continuous support, the optional Support Line for Linux Clusters is staffed by experts who understand the entire cluster environment, not just the individual components.

Hardware problem determination in Cluster Environments

No shared storage
Hardware problem determination/problem source identification can usually be done on an individual machine under the terms for the product hardware warranty without having to disconnect the node from the cluster. Your IBM technician will determine if this is necessary, and may direct you to your Clustering Software solution provider or IBM RTS ServicePac/Support Line if you need assistance in removing it.

Shared storage

Problem determination/problem source identification in Cluster environments that indicate the problem is in the Shared Storage Components is fee based via the support offerings described in this document (RTS ServicePacs and/or Support Line).
If support is not purchased, effective warranty service can only be given after the shared components are removed from the cluster. This will include both disconnecting one node from the cluster with the shared components in questions and, potentially, removing the clustering software. This needs to be done to effectively determine which shared component is the failing part.

Remote Support Services

IBM Remote Technical Support (RTS) Services - ServicePac for System x (xSeries) and ServicePac for System x (xSeries) with VMware
End-to-end hardware and software support for your System x (xSeries), IntelliStation or BladeCenter solution. Coverage includes IBM Director and tools (UpdateXpress, Real Time Diagnostics, Dynamic System Analysis, ServRAID Manager, etc), Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems and IBM Scalable Datacenter, as well as hardware configuration questions. Support can also be added for VMware. Access to the answers you need is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for severity 1 problems, and Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in your local time zone, for all other questions and problems. With unlimited calls and unlimited callers, anyone at your company can call as often as needed and receive quick and efficient responses.

ServicePac for Applications
Remote technical support for the following Applications:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2000 / 2003
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / 2003
  • Microsoft Small Business Server - Standard 2000 / 2003
  • Microsoft Small Business Server - Premium 2000 / 2003

ServicePac for Storage Devices
Remote technical support for Storage products and Storage Expansion Units (EXPs) supported software products:

  • DS300 * Storage Manager
  • DS400 * SerceRAID Manager
  • FAStT 100 / DS4100
  • FAStT 200
  • FAStT 600 / DS4300
  • FAStT 700 / DS4400
  • FAStT 900 / DS4500

Highlights of these offerings include:

  • Toll-free access to live technical experts
  • Unlimited calls and unlimited callers
  • Fast, precise answers and problem resolution
  • Hardware, software and services support from a single source
  • Competitively-priced, predictable support costs -- one-time fee for one year of support
  • Packaged on a "per system" basis
  • Either 1 year or 3 years ServicePacs available
Click for a list of Services available in your country or talk to an IBM Representative

Implementation Services ServicePac for IBM BladeCenter and System x (xSeries)
This three-day hands-on training and implementation service helps you install, configure and exploit the capabilities of your IBM hardware in this complex environment. IBM offers you access to professionals with extensive skills, experience and expertise in deploying your BladeCenter and System x (xSeries) systems. These professionals offer you the confidence of knowing that your installation process will be handled by trained services specialists and it also allows you the freedom to focus your I/T resources on your core business needs. A two-day Implementation Service is also available for pre-assembled BladeCenters.

Highlights of this offering includes:

  • Provide assistance to basic skills transfer
  • Reduce risks caused by a lack of skilled internal resources
  • Establish efficient systems management processes
  • Access knowledge-rich technical resources
  • Reduce time to implement in production
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Support Line
Support Line is an Annuity service that provides unlimited calls and unlimited callers at a fixed price. You are provided with the flexibility to choose which "support groups" (select operating systems, software and hardware products) meet your business coverage needs. Basic support includes prime-shift coverage, defined as normal business hours, Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays. If you require support beyond prime-shift hours, IBM offers extended/full-shift coverage for support around the clock. Highlights of the offering include:
  • Toll-free and electronic access
  • Unlimited calls and unlimited callers
  • Packaged in ranges of servers or processors
  • Supported product groups include:
    • Microsoft (Operating System and Applications)
    • Linux (Operating System, Applications and High Availability Clustering)
    • Linux Clusters (Operating System, Applications and High Performance Clustering)
    • Storage Area Networks and Network Attached Storage (SAN/NAS)
    • Disk and Tape
  • Support for Operating Systems and Applications running on OEM Hardware
International Support
For Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, African and Latin American countries: please contact your local Business Partner or click to find your local IBM Representative for more information.

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IBM Operational Support Services - Account Advocate
This service is an option to IBM Operational Support Services - Support Line that provides a single support interface for remote support. With this service, you are assigned your own Account Advocate team that becomes thoroughly familiar with your business and systems environment. This team serves as your single interface for software support problems related to the products covered under your Support Line agreement. Highlights of the offering include:

  • Personalized problem management for your software support problems
  • A single source of support throughout problem resolution
  • Software problem escalation assistance
  • Cross-platform assistance by working with other IBM departments for problem resolution
  • Provides help determining problems and involving other support resources including other vendors' support centers

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IBM Remote Technical Support Services –Enhanced Technical Support (ETS)
IBM Remote Technical Support Services enhanced technical support is designed to provide entry-level, proactive support beyond break/fix, thereby reducing the time from problem to resolution. Two levels of support are available (ETS provides the Proactive level of support for System x products) to provide better system availability than commonly available reactive services. Enhanced technical support levels include:

Proactive support is the full-featured version of enhanced technical support and includes:

  • Technical, single point-of-contact -- provides enhanced technical support team contact for all IBM software products including IBM System x (xSeries) Datacenter installed on the supported servers. Single point of contact and priority handling can extend to hardware support when an IBM maintenance agreement is in place.
  • Enhanced response -- provides a faster start of support activity. Severity one calls are answered within 30 minutes and during prime shift for all other severityissues. Problem acceptance and enhanced response times for non-severity one issues are available for all products, during all hours, except for AIX, OS/400, and i5/OS, which require 24x7, 365-day, all severity Software Maintenance Agreement (SWMA) uplift.
  • Priority handling -- provides problem coordination to provide regular updates and drive issues to resolution.
  • Proactive support -- includes resources and activities designed to avoid problems and save costs associated with those problems.

Additional add-on features to proactive support are also available:

  • Hardware support for selected iSeries and pSeries servers, giving you priority support for both the platform and its operating system.
  • Storage software support for selected network storage devices attached to iSeries or pSeries servers supporting the operating system and the critical storage software.

This is a limited version of enhanced technical support for iSeries and pSeries operating systems only. Base includes all enhanced technical support elements with the exception of proactive support; single point of contact, enhanced response, and priority handling are included. Base support offers flexibility, allowing you to select the level of service needed for each machine.

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Advanced Support
IBM's Advanced Support provides the highest level of remote support available through IBM. You get 24-hours-a-day (24×7) 365 days-a-year coverage. This service is tailored to meet your unique needs for continuous, business critical system operation. Offering highlights include:

  • customized support to help you meet your company's business-critical requirements,
  • the proactive support you need to help you achieve the highest possible availability,
  • help to manage your mission-critical problems or questions,
  • in-depth technical knowledge,
  • single point of contact for hardware and software,
  • monthly reports and meetings,
  • initial on-site visit to meet your team,
  • customized Technical Support Plan
  • support for IBM's Datacenter Solution
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US Hardware Installation, Usage and Configuration Support offerings

All the software support offerings described above include assistance with installation, configuration and usage support for System x (xSeries), IntelliStation and BladeCenter hardware including ServeRAID and shared storage clustering environments.

To purchase a contract on any of the services described above, call 888-426-4343, option 3 in the United States or 800-426-7378 in Canada.
Technical support is provided through 800-426-7378, option 2 in the United States or 800-426-7378 in Canada.

Warranty Support plus Support Line in Canada

View Warranty Support plus Support Line in Canada
Parts and onsite labor combined with Support Line for technical expertise on Microsoft® or Linux operational questions, configuration problems and code related defects conveniently packaged and priced to let you plan for the support you need.

Hardware warranty support

Service Request for Hardware
To submit a service request or ask a question, your machine will need to be "in warranty". You may submit your request for service via the server technical Web site. Select your appropriate product and use the link in the left-nav "Online technical support".

Hardware Warranty

For many IBM products you can select the level of service response you get during your product warranty and extend the duration of the service with a maintenance agreement. Or you can improve your maintenance agreement by selecting the right maintenance service level for your business.

Self-help Sources

Click to access the System x (xSeries) Support Web site. Our support page delivers comprehensive, up-to-date technical information for your specific support needs. The support Web site contains useful information about System x (xSeries) products, for example:

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