Features and specifications - IBM eServer xSeries 345

The following provides a summary of the features and specifications for the eServer xSeries 345 server. Depending on the server model, some features and specifications might not apply.

  • Intel Xeon, 2.0GHz or higher depending on server model
  • 512KB (minimum) Level-2 cache
  • 100MHz front-side bus (FSB), at four data transfers per cycle, yielding a 400MHz system bus
  • Support for up to two microprocessors with Intel Hyper-Threading technology
  • Minimum: 512MB, expandable to 4GB
  • Type: 100MHz, PC2100 (CL2.5), downward compatible with PC1600 (CL2), registered, ECC, double data rate (DDR), SDRAM
  • Sizes: 256MB, 512MB, or 1GB, in pairs Connectors: Two way interleaved, four dual inline memory module (DIMM) connectors
  • Maximum: Two pairs of DIMMs
Drives standard
  • Diskette: 1.44 MB
Expansion bays
  • Six hot-swap, slim line, 3.5-inch drive bays (hot-swap hard disk drives installed, some models)
  • One 5.25 inch bay (CD-ROM drive installed)
  • One 3.5 inch removable-media drive bay (diskette drive installed)
Hot-swap fans
  • Minimum: Five
  • Maximum: Eight (Provides redundant cooling)
Hot-swap power supplies
  • 350W (115-230V AC) or 514 watts (115-230 V ac) depending on server model
    • Minimum: One
    • Maximum: Two (Provides redundant power)
Upgradeable microcode
  • BIOS, diagnostics, and IBM Advanced System Management upgrades (when available) can update EEPROMs on the system board
PCI expansion slots
  • Two PCI-X non hot-plug 133MHz/64-bit
  • Two PCI-X non hot-plug 100MHz/64-bit (low profile)
  • One PCI non hot-plug, 33MHz/32-bit
Integrated functions
  • IBM integrated system management processor (ISMP)
  • Service processor with Light Path Diagnostics
  • Interconnect port
  • Dedicated I/O port
  • Support for IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter (RSA)
  • Two 10BASE-T/100BASETX/ 1000BASE-T Ethernet ports (Intel Ethernet controller on system board)
  • One serial port
  • One external and one internal Ultra320 SCSI port (dual-channel integrated controller with RAID capability)
  • Three Universal Serial Bus (USB) v1.1 ports
  • Keyboard port
  • Mouse port
  • ATI Rage XL video (controller on system board)
    • Compatible with SVGA and VGA
    • 8MB video memory


Acoustical noise emissions
  • Declared sound power, idle: 6.5 bel
  • Declared sound power, operating: 6.5 bel Bystander sound pressure, idle: 48 dBa
  • Bystander sound pressure, operating: 48 dBa

Maximum altitude: 2133m (7000 ft)

Air temperature

  • Server on: 10° to 35°Celsius (50° to 95°Fahrenheit).
  • Server off: -40° to +60°Celsius (-40° to 140°Fahrenheit).


  • Server on: 8% to 80%
  • Server off: 8% to 80%
Security features
  • Power-on password
  • Remote control security settings
  • Selectable drive startup
  • Keyboard password
  • System management security
  • User login password
  • Read-only or read/write access
  • Dial-in call-back
Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) alerts
  • Power supplies Fans
  • Memory
  • Hard disk drives
  • Microprocessors
  • Voltage regulator modules (VRMs)
Size (2 U)
  • Height: 85.4mm (3.36 inch)
  • Depth: 698mm (27.48 ich.) Width: 443.6mm (17.5 inch)
    Weight: 21.09kg (46.5 lb) to 28.12kg (62 lb) depending upon configuration
Heat output

Approximate heat output in British thermal units (Btu) per hour

  • Minimum configuration: 341 Btu/hour (100 watts)
  • Maximum configuration: 2200 Btu/hour (645.2 watts)
Electrical input
  • Sine-wave input (50-60Hz) required
  • Input voltage range automatically selected
  • Input voltage low range:
    • Minimum: 90V AC
    • Maximum: 137V AC

  • Input voltage high range:
    • Minimum: 180V AC
    • Maximum: 265V AC

  • Input kilovolt-amperes (kVA) approximately:
    • Minimum: 0.1 kVA
    • Maximum: 0.62 kVA

  • Power available for drives:
    • +5V DC
    • +12V DC

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