PowerChute Business Edition v8.0.1 - IBM UPS 750T, 1000T, 1500T, 3000X, 7500X and 10000X (2130)

Severity: Suggested

Change history

Version 8.0.1

Code changes:

  • Memory leak when USB cable is disconnected
  • Hibernation: Server hibernates again and UPS goes to sleep after Hibernation shutdown
  • Hibernation: 'Comm Lost' will be logged after resumed from hibernation shutdown
  • Hibernation: Datalog logged twice when resumed from hibernation
  • PCBE agent doesn't startup automatically after reboot on SLES 10 64-bit
  • Displays Wrong OS Name in PCBE Web-UI & PCBE Console for Asianux Server 3.0
  • Device setup screen is moved behind Console after adding Agent to PCBE Server on Win2K8 x64
  • Failed to shutdown UPS due to polling thread hang up upon adding 118557-08, 118557-09, 126665-01 patches on Solaris 10 Japanese, "Device communication is not established" with simple signalling
  • Agent thread hangs when invalid firmware revision received
  • When a setup is canceled, a signaling type does not return
  • Linux: upgrade failed if install directory is non-default
  • Scheduled Shutdown times (down and up times) get pushed ahead by an hour when the Daylight Savings Time clock gets pushed ahead
  • "default.sh" cannot be executed, as it is not suitable as an example
  • Typo: "Uninteruptable" in package information
  • Few characters are garbled in the license agreement screen of Solaris 10 new installer
  • Change PCBEProxy port #
  • Turn off delay not set to 180 secs for SURT under 5k
  • Values in Data log displayed incorrectly on a German version of XP
  • PCBE Server sometimes send empty broadcast notification or email
  • "Bypass Power Supply Failure" was logged as "Base Power Supply Failure"
  • OS name was truncated for W2K8 Enterprise Edition Server Core without Hyper-V
  • Truncated strings on Shutdown Sequence screen
  • Solaris x64/x86: Notification didn't happen
  • Increase the timeout value for javax.mail to 20 seconds
  • Disable broadcast from WebUI under Vista & Windows 2008
  • Hide broadcast notification from Console under Vista & Windows 2008
  • Disable changing both ComPort and SignalingType at same time
  • Set the recovery option of Agent & Server components

Version 8.0

Code changes:

  • Add uninstallation procedures for PCBE 80 on Windows Server 2008 Server Core
  • Getting started: Add how to acccess Agent Web UI
  • Copy in Windows Server 2008 Server Core Installation JPN.txt
  • Update the Getting Started document
  • PCBE Console displays wrong OS name on Microsoft Windows 2008
  • Upgrade the bundled JVM to JRE 1.5.0_15
  • IBM installation packages
  • Add missing server core distribution installation blocks for Server and Console components
  • "Getting Started Guide" in PCBE product Installation page failed to open in Windows Longhorn Enterprise Sever Core
  • "Release Notes" in PCBE product Installation page failed to open in Windows Longhorn Enterprise Sever Core
  • Console Update is started and does not communicate with Server
  • Disable displaying the splash screen for the Agent -only installer
  • Add retry to read Shutdown Delay when it is invalid
  • "Communications Help" was not displayed on Vista and 2008.
  • The behavior of "Change" button in "Add-Remove Programs" changed
  • Add the digital signature to Export .exe and UPSSleep.exe
  • "Getting Started Guide" did not work on Server Core
  • PCBE Console crashes when the save user id option is selected
  • Create an entry to start WebUI in PCBE startup menu for US version
  • Gray out the broadcast notification option if running under Windows 2008 & Vista
  • Change the Installer Front End to accomdate agent only installation
  • Merge DataLog fix
  • Add retry to all polling data

Version 7.0.5


  • PowerChute Business Edition (PCBE) does not support low battery in SNMP (simple signaling)
  • Diagnostic>Selftest screen only shows the date/time of the selftest result initiated from software
  • WebUI: Disable email option for 'Monitoring Stopped' event
  • Plug & Play Manager warning logged on OS EventViewer(USB)
  • default.cmd overwritten during update install
  • PCBE Agent won't automatically boot with Linux runlevel1
  • Add debug logging to investigate the Invalid OID exception that occurs when attempting to put the UPS to sleep
  • Retain debug.txt when a service starts up
  • Enhance proxy.txt logging for comm lost
  • A message on About (Help->About) window when lost connection was chopped off.
  • JPN: Square box shown on the installer for SUSE and RHEL4
  • Add proxy.txt logging for SNMP processing
  • Enhance debug logging with the power failure event
  • Change the text label on the "turn on delay" field of Device Properties

Problems Fixed:

  • PowerChute Business Edition (PCBE) USB implementation causes time sync issues
  • Agent service did not start while testing USB hibernation schedule: hs_err_pidxxx.log issue
  • Console Update doesn't work
  • RHELES2.1: OS name not shown properly on the console
  • First digit truncated for sleep time(hours) on Shutdown now screen
  • Insufficent disk space error installing on RHEL4
  • USB Power Meter tab remains after installing PCBE agent
  • PCBE Console needs to be reinstalled after 10 years in order to connect to server.
  • PCBE failed to send sleep command to UPS because of InvalidObjectIDException error
  • [OS shutdown] thread runs before [Send link command] thread
  • Do not allow PCBE service to hang infinitely
  • PCBE+4G UPS, "Power Returned"pop-up is not displayed and the Email won't be sent
  • AutoUpdate certificate will expire on 11/18/2011.
  • Retry if the UPS' response does not include "CRLF" instead of generating "comm lost" immediately
  • "R2" was missing from Windows version display on About (Help>About) window
  • Need retry to establish communication when Agent read "unknown Response" from UPS
  • Solaris: System installed JRE would be used if newer version Java exists on the system
  • Japanese text in WebUI Agent Notification is garbled
  • SuSE9: Agent OS name on the console is only displaying the kernel version
  • A dialog box about Windows logo test popped up during installation
  • WebUI allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files by prepending several / (slash) characters.
  • [Installation abort] button on Logo test warning msg will not abort the installation
  • Error happens when opening console on Longhorn(Beta2)
  • OS name not correctly shown on Longhorn(Beta2)
  • "Number of Batteries" field does not appear in PCBEv7.0.5 build 104 UI.
  • Memory leak in FileLogger.java in the EventLogger component
  • Not returning Battery Voltage & EM Firmware revision through SNMP OIDs
  • Native service not restored after uninstall if update installed
  • OS shutdown during run-time calibration if USB connection present
  • Memory leak at console update
  • A utoupdate Notification message is truncated
  • Autoupdate: Cannot disable IE to be opened when you login to PCBE Console if once an autoupdate had been detected
  • SUSE RPM install: All characters garbled and unable to login from WebUI

Version 7.0.4a

  • This version addresses minor code corrections and code maintenance.

Version 7.0.3

  • This is the first firmware release to support the IBM UPS 7500XHV and the IBM UPS 10000XHV.


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