(Critical update) Host Firmware (BIOS) vQB-1.19.0-7 for Linux - IBM BladeCenter QS21 (0792)

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Change history

IBM eServer BladeCenter QS21 Type 0792
Release Information for Blade Server Firmware

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.19.0-7 release

  • SMS Menu "Select Install/Boot Device" can scroll to/select any boot device

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.19.0-6 release

  • PCI legacy IRQ routing through PCI2PCI bridges fixed
  • List of boot devices in SMS Menu shows correct devices

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.19.0-3 release

  • Timing issue in Broadcom driver solved, this fixes receiving of ethernet frames
  • Fixed mysterious TFTP retry behavior. Retry value is parsed correct now.
  • Improved Multicast TFTP blocksize handshake
  • For compatibility reasons the relaxed ordering mode of the southbridge is
    disabled now.
  • The firmware does automaticly restart a stopped RTC.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.19.0-2 release

  • If for any reason, e.g. network unavailibility, the blade is prevented
    from booting then it will automaticly reboot and retry booting.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.19.0-1 release:

  • Fixed issue where Host Firmware qb-1.19.0-0 failed to detect PCIe hardware errors. The probability of occurrence of such errors in the field is low, but IBM strongly recommends updating to QS21 Host Firmware version qb-1.19.0-1 as
    quickly as possible to prevent any potential data issues from occurring.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.19.0-0 release:

  • Corrected TFTP transfer size.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.18.0-0 release:

  • Not released to customer

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.17.0-0 release:

  • Removed race condition in USB stack, showing up when connnection multible USB devices.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.16.0-0 release:

  • Corrected stack problem problem of Open firmware client programs.
  • Improved SAS I/O sub-routines

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.15.0-0 release:

  • Changed LINUX Firmware installer to support UXCD Linux.
  • Support for "-s" option added to Linux Firmware installer.
  • Corrected listed CPU Clock Frequency.
  • Added dedection of USB Keyboard and Mouse devices.
  • NVRAM that lost its content because of Power and
    Battery removal will correctly rebuild itself now.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.14.0-0 release:

  • Booting from SATA drives in BC-S it now possible
  • Updating the flash temp side will work now even
    if blade was bootet on perm side.
  • "Battery missing" warning is displayed on the console.
  • DCR regs properties to support Weak/Strong PCIe Ordering in Linux.
  • UDP checksum calculated corrected
  • Not showing endless error messages anymore when booting from empty CDROM.
  • Correcting Broadcom Driver to not make "DMA writes" into wrong memory space.
  • Improved setenv to not hang after a typo.
  • Faster memcpy added.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.13.0-0 release:

  • Not released to customer

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.11.0-0 release:

  • Not released to customer

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.10.0-0 release:

  • Added support for CMOS warning message to AMM System Status.
  • Added support for SNMP warning when battery misisng.
  • Corrected infity USB scann loop with certain Media Trays.
  • Enhanced SMS-Menu to enable choosing of CD/DVD boot devices.
  • Enhanced SMS-Menu to show boot history.
  • Corrected error when calling nvalias without parameters.
  • Corrected date values of logged errors.
  • Removed rare USB loop in endpoint.
  • Enhanced clockrate calculation to increase time accuracy under Linux.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.9.1-8 release:

  • After reboot the manufacturing mode is now automaticly disabled again.
  • Removed a race condition that could cause that if one flashside got corrupted the good side did not boot up.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.9.1-7 release:

  • OS boot from local and external SAS storages of BC-S with installed SAS

Connectivity Modules is supported:

  • QS21 is able to boot from (a) disks in Storage Modules, (b) Integrated RAID volumes built upon disks in Storage Modules, and (c) (attached to external SAS Connectivity Module's ports)
  • IBM Boot Disk System's volumes.
  • Besides increasing the NVRAM version number, the mechanism to upgrade / downgrade from other NVRAM versions needed corrections to allow smooth switching of firmware versions in the future.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.9.1-6 release

  • Enhanced device tree with extra properties to support IBM Director.
  • Workaround for hanging USB on IBM MediaTray Passes 6 or 7.
  • Correctly handling application that SEEK to not existing blocks on USB devices.
  • Changed name and update parameter of flashtool to conform with IBM pktSDK.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.9.1-5 release

  • QS21 will now find disk after Instant Power Loss (IPL).
  • SMS Menu will display SAS device as "SAS" now.
  • In SMS Menu the selecting of 2nd Network interface is made more intuitive.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.9.1-4 release

  • Not released to customer.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.9.1-3 release

  • Flash commit works without warning.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.9.1-2 release

  • Single DS3200 volume found against Firmware levels >
  • LSISAS1064 hard reset on a fault condition will be recovered.
  • DeviceTree: "interrupts" prop in IOC Node for BE0 corrected.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.9.1-1 release

  • Fixed possible hang at the memory portion when booting.
  • yaboot fails to get MAC of network adapter.
  • This fix stores the BOOTP/DHCP response packet to the device tree according to the OpenFirmware spec. Yaboot needs this information in some cases.
  • QS21 now reports an error when IP is not read.
  • SMS menu always forces BOOTP instead of DHCP.
  • This fix makes DHCP as default protocol.
  • FW qb-1.9.1-0 issue regarding boot sequence. The problem has been solved by correcting some string operations.
  • ELF loader parser now properly interpreting ELF header.

Host Firmware (BIOS) qb-1.9.1-0 release

  • Initial release


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