PCoIP firmware update v0.18 v104 - IBM BladeCenter HC10, CP20

Severity: Suggested

Change history

IBM Firmware 0.18 v104 and Bootloader 2.0 v104 - tera_fw_pcoip_0-18v104_anyos_noarch.zip

  • Firmware Update for IOGTA in HC10 and CP20 Machine Types 7996 and 3096

Problems Fixed:

  • CP20 now connects to 100Mps full duplex switch
  • Fixed dual monitor with assymetric resolutions (e.g 1680x1050, 1280x1024) would sometimes freeze the 2nd display.
  • Fixed USB would sometimes fail after repeated connect/disconnects.


  • Support added for international keyboard layouts
  • A Minimum quality slider has been added to the client web page and OSD to allow tradeoff between quality and frame rate. The slider allows for selection of the minimum quality in a range of 50-100% in steps of 10%.

Limitations: none.
Dependencies: none.

Version 0.17 v090 and Bootloader 1.8 v090 - tera_fw_pcoip_0-17v090_anyos_noarch.zip

  • Initial release


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Last modified:  2008-04-08
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