Transition from nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery to lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery - IBM ServeRAID-MR10i, MR10M


RETAIN tip: H19142


When a ServeRAID-MR10i SAS/SATA Controller, Option 43W4296, battery is replaced, the new battery has to be charged, and the current charging circuit will not charge the new battery properly.

Affected configurations

The system is configured with one or more of the following IBM Options:

  • ServeRAID-MR10M SAS/SATA Controller, Option 43W4339
  • ServeRAID-MR10i SAS/SATA Controller, Option 43W4296

This tip is not hardware specific.
This tip is not software specific.

The system has the symptom described above.


The user should order the correct battery Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) by verifying the charging circuit.

Additional information

When replacing a battery module on a ServeRAID-MR10i SAS/SATA Controller, battery, the FRU number needs to be verified with support to ensure that the right charging circuit is available for the replacement battery.

If a Li-Ion battery, FRU 43W4342, is currently populated for the MR10i, then IBM should replace the battery with the same battery FRU. The charging circuit would be a Li-Ion design.

If when queried for the MR10i battery and the FRU is 43W4301, then IBM should first check if existing stock of 43W4301 is available. When inventory of 43W4301 is depleted, the FRU should be replaced with the Li-Ion FRU 43W4342.

Additionally, the MR10i will need to be retrofitted with the Li-Ion charging circuit. The Li-Ion charging circuit FRU 44E8763 is available at no charge.

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