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The initial version of the DS5000 Quick Start Guide described a drive tray cabling scheme that was not the IBM best practice recommendation. The cabling methodology described is completely functional, but is not considered to be IBM's best practice. It also differed from the description of the drive tray cabling scheme listed in the DS5000 Installation, User's, and Maintenance Guide (IUMG) on pages 62 and 63. The DS5000 IUMG can be found at the following link:


The cabling description in the DS5000 IUMG is the IBM recommended best practice cabling scheme. The DS5000 Quick Start Guide has been updated and now agrees with the cabling scheme in the IUMG.

Affected configurations

The system may be any of the following IBM servers:

  • DS5100 Storage Controller, type 1818-51A, any model
  • DS5300 Storage Controller, type 1818-53A, any model

This tip is not software specific.
This tip is not option specific.


This documentation error has been corrected in the release of the DS5000 Quick Start Guide that was posted to the Web on 12 Aug 2009.

The file is available from the IBM Storage Support web site at the following URL:


Additional information

In the initial version of the DS5000 Quick Start Guide, steps 5.7 and 5.8, and the associated diagram following step 5.8, did not describe the best practice methodology for connecting the second enclosure to the DS5000. Step 5.7 should have stated to use drive port 6 of controller A instead of drive port 7 and Step 5.8 should have stated to use drive port 3 of controller B instead of drive port 2. This would then match the cabling description documented in the DS5000 IUMG.


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