(Critical) IBM ServeRAID MR10i and MR10is SAS controller firmware update v11.0.1-0042 for Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 and Microsoft Windows 2000 - IBM System x

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Version 11.0.1-0042 has been released.
Severity: Critical

Adjust various battery parameters and alerts to improve product

  • Reword the battery ‘Prefail‚ and ‘Fail‚ Alerts and all places it is documented
  • Add visibility of ‘battery nearing end of usable life‚ condition to CLI and MSM
  • Adjust parameters used to calculate battery capacity amount for Early Warning and EOL alerts


  • Fixed issue where While correcting massive UNC sectors, I/O will be interrupted causing OS becomes unusable
  • Fixed issue where SPD Data can get Corrupted on Boot causing the following message on boot the message displayed is "Check SDRAM Connection".
  • Fixed issue where firmware has Incompleted Writes During Power Fail and Recoverycausing the following message on boot "Controller cache discarded due to memory/battery problems

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