System hangs at startup with message: "UEFI Platform Initialization" - IBM System x


RETAIN tip: H197013


When updating the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), the system could hang at Power On Self Test (POST) with the following message:

  UEFI Platform Initialization

On the second reboot, the system could hang and the Light Path Diagnostics (LPD) panel will display check point: B8.

Affected configurations

The system may be any of the following IBM servers:

  • System x3550 M2, type 4198, any model
  • System x3550 M2, type 7946, any model
  • System x3550 M3, type 4254, any model
  • System x3550 M3, type 7944, any model
  • System x3650 M2, type 4199, any model
  • System x3650 M2, type 7947, any model
  • System x3650 M3, type 4255, any model
  • System x3650 M3, type 7945, any model

This tip is not software specific.

This tip is not option specific.

The following system BIOS or uEFI level(s) are affected:

  • UEFI v1.10 (D6E150B), and previous


The issue has been fixed in UEFI Version 1.11 (D6E150C).

The file is or will be available by selecting the appropriate Product name, Product machine type, and Operating system on IBM Support's Fix Central web page, at the following URL:


There are two (2) Workarounds for this issue.

Workaround 1

This is the preferred method to initiate a 3 times POST failure. Complete the following procedure:

  1. Power on the system and the wait ten (10) seconds.
  2. Press the reset button on the LPD panel and then wait ten (10) seconds.
  3. Press the reset button again and then wait ten (10) seconds.
  4. Press the reset button again.

This procedure will load the default UEFI configuration. You might have to use a pen or the end of a straightened paper clip to press the reset button. The reset button is located on the lower right-hand corner of the LPD panel.

Workaround 2

For a system hung in the "UEFI PLATFORM INITIALIZATION" state, follow these steps:

  1. Boot to "backup UEFI" mode. This is done by moving jumper (J29 - UEFI) on the system board to the backup position (move Jumper 29 from pins 1 - 2 to pins 2 - 3).
    This allows the system to complete POST, and power up properly in most cases.
  2. Flash the UEFI to the latest version.
  3. Move the jumper back to "Primary UEFI" by moving Jumper 29 from pins 2 - 3 back to pins 1 - 2.

If the system fails to complete POST when booting from backup UEFI mode, or after returning to Primary UEFI mode after flashing UEFI in backup mode, contact IBM support. Do not replace the system board.

Workaround 3

  1. Unplug the AC power.
  2. Clear the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) by removing the battery for at least ten (10) seconds.
  3. Re-install the battery, and power on the system.

Note: If Workaround 3 is performed, then users should refer to RETAIN Tip H194649 at the following location:

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