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Systems configured on the IBM BladeCenter S SAS RAID Controller Module, option 43W3584, with the Windows 2008 R2 cluster may experience failures during the Windows cluster validation test. The failures are experienced during the SPC-3 persistent reservation section of the validation testing. The RAIDed Shared Storage Module (RSSM) firmware is at level

Affected configurations

The system may be any of the following IBM servers:

  • BladeCenter S, type 1948, any model
  • BladeCenter S, type 7779, any model
  • BladeCenter S, type 8886, any model

The system is configured with one or more of the following IBM options:

  • IBM BladeCenter S SAS RAID Controller Module, option part number 43W3584, any replacement part number (FRU) 43W3630

This tip is not software specific.

The following system firmware level(s) are affected:

  • RSSM


This behavior is corrected in RSSM firmware build and later.

The file is or will be available by selecting the appropriate machine type on the 'Product View' of IBM Support's Fix Central web page, at the following URL:


Downgrade the RSSM from to the older version of

Use version of the SDDDSM driver for the appropriate architecture of Windows 2008 (either 32-bit or 64-bit).

Note: To downgrade to version from the latest version of RSSM firmware, the user must contact support for the proper downgrade procedure and interim code for the process to succeed.

Additional information

A defect was found within the SCSI transactions of the RSSM firmware for Windows 2008 clusters. This defect was corrected in the RSSM firmware build of

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