HBA/LSI onboard 6 Gb SAS/SATA/SSD driver v18.00.01.00 for Linux SLES 10 - IBM BladeCenter, Flex System and System x

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IBM HBA/LSI onboard 6 Gb SAS/SATA/SSD driver for Linux SLES 10

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  • Turn off the Predictive Failure LED when a drive is removed.
  • Added support to issue a Start Stop Unit command (stopping the target) to all non-IR direct-access SATA devices before the driver is shut down or unloaded.


  • Fixed an issue where the driver message logs contains an entry "mpt2sas0:
    • _base_get_ioc_facts: failed going to ready state, when the controller is in operational state.
  • Fixed an issue where a kernel panic observed after issuing controller diagnostic reset.
  • Fixed an issue where a kernel panic observed when an enclosure is removed load while the driver module is loading.
  • Fixed and issue where component drives of a volume go missing once the volume is deleted.
  • Fixed and issue where the mapping of reply queues used for IO requests coming from each CPU is not balanced when number of CPU cores are greater than the number of MSI-X vectors.
  • Fixed and issue where the set_affinity.sh script fails on the systems having more than 32 CPU cores.
  • Fixed an issue where device entries are removed when async scanning mode is enabled and device scanning is in progress.

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