IBM HBA/LSI onboard 6 Gigbit SAS/SATA/SSD driver v15.00.00.00 for RHEL 5 - IBM System x, BladeCenter and Flex System

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IBM HBA/LSI Onboard 6 Gb SAS/SATA/SSD Driver for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

Version - Suggested

Supported Controllers:

  • IBM N2125 SAS/SATA Controller (46C9011)
  • IBM N2115 SAS/SATA Controller (46C8989)
  • IBM 300 GB High IOPS MLC Modular Adapter (90Y4361)
  • IBM 800 GB High IOPS MLC Modular Adapter (90Y4369)
  • IBM 300 GB High IOPS SLC Modular Adapter (90Y4373)
  • IBM 600 GB High IOPS MLC Modular Adapter (90Y4365)
  • ServeRAID H1110 SAS/SATA Controller for IBM System x (81Y4492)
  • IBM 6 Gb SAS HBA (46M0907)
  • IBM 6 Gb SSD HBA (68Y7362)
  • Onboard LSI 2004 SAS

Supported Kernels (RHEL) :

  • 5.8 - 2.6.18-308
  • 5.7 - 2.6.18-274
  • 5.6 - 2.6.18-238



  • Add support for RHEL 5.7 and 5.8
  • Add support for 300GB MLC (90Y4361), 600GB MLC (90Y4365), 800GB MLC (90Y4369) and 300GB SLC (90Y4373)


Supported Controllers:

  • ServeRAID H1110 SAS/SATA Controller for IBM System x (81Y4492)
  • IBM 6Gb SAS HBA (46M0907)
  • IBM 6Gb SSD HBA (68Y7362)
  • Onboard LSI 2004 SAS

Supported Kernels:

  • RHEL 5.6    2.6.18-238
  • RHEL 5.5    2.6.18-194
  • RHEL 5.4    2.6.18-164


  • Use a different method for blocking IO request from SCSI Mid Layer when using the SysFS shost attribute called task_management.
  • Fixed issue to not allow IOCTLS to be processed when tge device driver is loading, which could cause a kernel panic.
  • Added support in asynchronous scanning logic to handle faults during discovery when loading the driver.
  • Allocate only one msix vector for the controllers that do not support multi-reply queues and NUMA IO.
  • Added per lun delete flag to address an issue where a cable is removed and added back within the DMD timer expired timeout.
  • Fixed issue with reading raid configuration information for inactive volumes
  • Fixed issue where a Stack trace seen in message log after cable pull and host reset.
  • Fixed issue where The configuration pages are failing if raid volume is configured while issuing a host reset
  • Fixed issue where the Devices are not removed after "cable pull".
  • Fixed issue when devices are behind two deep cascaded expanders, they don't get added if the "cable add" is done while host reset is active.
  • Fixed a failure message displayed in the log messages during host reset while removing devices
  • Fixed issue where drives are not getting removed when the enclosure cable is pulled out from the expander and Port Reset is issued.
  • Fixed issue where the Chip Resets results in repeated timeouts.
  • Fixed issue with expanders where a hang occurs when there is smart error.


  • Initial release

Note: See the change history file for more information.

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