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MegaCLI (Command Line) Utility for Storage Management for VMware

Version: 8.04.07 - Suggested

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  • Add Support for vSphere 5.
  • Enhanced MegaCLI Online help to provide more information for commands with a "filename" input.
  • Enhanced MegaCLI to show battery capacity information (runTimeToEmpty, averageTimeToEmpty and averageTimeToFull) in human readable form.
  • MegaCLI help added a separate section for array create and controller "get and set" feature.


  • Changed default drive cache setting to "disable" during volume creation.
  • Fixed an issue where MegaCLI 64-bit does not detect controller on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 64-bit.
  • Fixed an issue where "Invalid Key:CHTIMER?" is displayed when changing only BGI, Stripesize, or Flush time.
  • Fixed an issue where MegaCLI was showing 'none' for 'next learn time' when 'auto learn mode' is 'Warn via Event' or 'Disabled' in BBU properties.
  • Fixed an issue where MegaCLI sees characters "\n" in -AdpBbuCmd command before Transparent Learn string for supercap.
  • Fixed an issue where the MegaCLI -CfgAllFreeDrv command detailed Online Help is not updated properly.
  • Blocked Set BBU properties command for TMM battery type with transparent Learn.
  • Fixed an issue where delete snapshot option in MegaCLI is not working properly.
  • Add CtrlId information as part -AdpAllInfo command.
  • Fixed an issue where "-AdpBBucmd schedulelearn DSbl a0" command showed error message "Controller not supported"
  • Fixed an issue where MegaCLI getbbumodes returns Failed message.
  • Fixed problem where, after unzipping VMware MegaCLI and running it, reports "Permission Denied".
  • Fixed an issue where Installation files for VMware are missing libraries.

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