uEFI Flash Update (Microsoft Windows) - IBM BladeCenter HS22/HS22V (Type 7870, 7871)

Change history

BladeCenter HS22/HS22V UEFI Flash Update
Version 1.12 (BuildID P9E151B)
Change History

Version 1.12 - BuildID: P9E151B - - Critical
Problem(s) Fixed:
- Fixed memory multi-bit error event can't be deasserted after re-enable
- Fixed IMM Network Settings have not been saved if reset IMM immediately
- Disable propagation of Intel VT-d faults as fatal errors to avoid guest VM to cause the entire system to crash
- Fixed iMM backup flashing behavior is misleading
- Fixed bus error occurred when BOFM is applied
- Fixed Firmware progress Hang Error when booting to iSCSI
- Fixed hang when updating FLASH from version 1.03 or 1.04 directly to version 1.11

- Add Support for Enable/Disable VT-d feature
- Add support for user setting of 3x BOOT fail parameters
Version 1.11 - BuildID: P9E150C - Critsit Build
Problem(s) Fixed:
- Add work-around to address NMI/PCI Error due to VT-d problem
Version 1.11 - BuildID: P9E150B - Suggested (Be aware to check the change history for any critical updates)
Problem(s) Fixed:
- Fix HS22V 16GB DIMMs SMBIOS test
- Update VPD extraction from IMM to strip trailing blanks from buildid
- Fix BOFM only applied to first MAC of combo card in AMM
- Add Out-of-band PXE Configuration
- Renaming of output files to add version information
- Re-enable disabled DIMM while AC Power Cycle
- F1 Setup Event Log number change
- Update Intel Westmere CPU microcode to version 0x00000013
- Add F1 setup option to Enable/Disable ASPM capability
Version 1.10 - BuildID: P9E149A - Critical
Problem(s) Fixed:
- Misc errors in boot order management
- Modify the Tcontrol for the 130W CPU support
- Fix PXE settings cannot be saved under uEFI

- Add support for 4 BPE4s
- Update Intel Westmere Memory Reference Code to V2.21
- Update Intel Westmere QPI Reference Code to V1.85
- Add IMM IP6 support
- Add support for VNIC to BOFM
- To correct an IntelR XeonR 5600 series processor's internal circuit marginality issue, that could cause false memory errors when the C6-state is enabled

Version 1.09 - BuildID: P9E148A - Critical
Problem(s) Fixed:
- prevent boot failure and reset on bogus boot order
- Correct defects in PXE support
- Fixed issue where UEFI SYSTEMS WITH HBA AND > 2 TB LUN MAY HAVE DATA ERRORS Please refer to RETAIN tip number: H16222 or MIGR-5084554 for additional details
- Add BPE4 support
- Add support for Westmere memory sparing mode
- Add support for Intel 130W processor

Version 1.08 - BuildID: P9E146C - Critical
Problem(s) Fixed:
- Update Intel 56xx Processor Microcode to version 0x0000000C
- Fixed issue where the system can hang following a UEFI flash, due to a numeric configuration setting getting corrupted when the new UEFI image no longer supports the value.
- Fixed issue where boot order selection is not saved.
- Fixed issue when power applied creates loss of connection to NSSM/RSSM.

- Allow disabling of Intel 56xx Processor Data Reuse Optimization feature to improve performance for Enterprise workloads (settable by Advanced Setup Utility (ASU) only)

Version 1.07 - BuildID: P9E146A - Suggested (Be aware to check the change history for any critical updates)
Problem(s) Fixed:
- legacy iSCSI Boot error when IQN > 72 characters
- Turbo mode does not work in UEFI 132
- Processor Turbo mode does not work in core build 1.32
- UEFI displays "Event Log Cleared" for iMM "SEL Almost Full"
- Update Intel Framework Code to Release
- Update Intel Nehalem/Westmere Reference code to P2.50
- Update processor core count settings for Westmere processors
- Add support for Westmere 1.5V Memory Strategy
- Add xSEC support for Westmere processors
- Update FPM parameters for Westmere processors
- Update CLTT settings for HS22V
- Update Intel Westmere Memory Reference Code to V2.11
Version 1.06 - BuildID: P9E132A - Suggested (Be aware to check the change history for any critical updates)
Problem(s) Fixed:
- General
* Hang during legacy PXE boot when MAC address is disabled in PXE configuration
* PXE VLAN settings do not persist across boot cycles
* Improve help text for ondoard device settings
* Early video shuts down during POST
* SAS topology was ignored when it was available
* VPD string content was not consistent across boot system firmware releases
- Memory RAS
* Incorrect DIMM is called out for double bit error in mirrored mode
* 2DPC 8GB Qualified DIMMs display inconsistently in Setup
* SMBIOS Type 17 structure displays 10 memory banks
- Updrade TianoCore EDK support to version 1.05.05
- Upgrade Broadcom NIC driver support to version T.5.0A.3.1
- Improve reliability of legacy AHCI/SWRAID support
- Setup
* Allow L1 power state to be disabled to improve system performance
* Allow 2DPC support to be enabled from ASU

Version 1.05 - BuildID: P9E131A - Critical
Problem(s) Fixed:
- General:
* Blade does not read Blade Center bay data correctly
* Advanced Energy Management (AEM) minimum power value is too low
* On-board video fails during some legacy mode operations under UEFI
* Storage daughter card is not properly recognized by system
* On-board storage controller is not disabled when storage daughter card is installed
* Hang during early POST (PEI) initialization
* Hang during POST when power cycling systems
* Invalid change in SMBIOS structure data occurs over AC power cycles
* SMBIOS blade specific information is missing tables
- USB:
* May not be able to boot a fixed disk in a USB enclosure
* Miscellaneous problems when booting from legacy USB devices
- Setup:
* Power restore policy is not reset to default setting properly
* SEL event log display shows incomplete BMC sensor events
* Change Boot Order does not operate correctly
* C-states are exposed to OS when package limit is less than C-state
* Miscellaneous errors/clarifications in help text
* Administrative password dialog accepts 5 letter passwords
* Advanced Setup Utility (ASU) is unable to update iSCSI.MacAddress parameter
- pDSA:
* Unable to boot when a Sandisk USB key is installed
* Memory test only reports the first 256 correctable errors
- Improve early (PEI) video support for console messages
- Enable early power-on support for IMM (requires future IMM update)
- Improve DIMM SMBUS recovery mechanism to prevent possible bus hangs and loss of access to DIMM(s) during memory initialization.
- Setup:
* Allow disablement of legacy USB 2.0
* Allow disablement of Broadcom onboard NIC 2
* Add support for controlling UEFI PCI Option ROM execution

Version 1.04 - BuildID: P9E130A - Suggested (Be aware to check the change history for any critical updates)
Problem(s) Fixed:
- Boot Selection/Manager:
* System hangs upon entering 'Start Options'
* Boot list disappeared after deleting a WOL boot item
- Power Management:
* An error in thermal throttling algorithm which reduced system efficiency
* An error in power throttling tables that prevented operation at 100% power
- RAS:
* CRTM error messages had no useful description text
* No indication of booting with a non-production signed CRTM build
* No usable memory causes system to reset and execute POST repeatedly
* Multiple error events were logged for single-bit error injected into the OS
* System reported a 'Failed to boot 3 times' error when a power loss occurred after a Wake-On-Lan (WOL) boot request
* System was forced to go into setup after a 'Failed to boot 3 times' error instead of booting with default values.
* When an ABR condition occurred, the backup image failed to display the 'F3' option to switch back to the primary image.
* System Event Log (SEL):
+ Unable to display a full SEL
+ Invalid event descriptions in SEL
+ System hung when attempting to view SEL
+ Empty Extended Service Data records when injecting multi-bit memory errors into OS
- Setup:
* PCIeGenSelection setup menu setting had no effect
* HyperThreading Enable setup menu setting had no effect
* Processor C3/C6 power mode settings were coupled together incorrectly
* When enabling DIMMs, there is no prompt to save settings before exiting
* UEFI network boot dialog did not work properly
* Initial display of 'Adapters and UEFI Drivers' did not auto refresh
* Incorrect Processor options display when setting power performance modes
* iSCSI CHAP password lenghts of 12 caused problems in the Setup browser.
* Incorrect/misleading help text descriptions
* Miscellaneous typographic errors and incorrect/misleading prompts/help text
- Advanced Setup Utility (ASU):
* Display of Devices and Option ROMs contained many unused entries
* iSCSI parameter updates from ASU failed when an IP address setting specified an invalid value.
* Error when chaining boot sequences in AMM/IMM via ASU
* Firmware update utility could cause corruption of the firmware package
- Miscellaneous:
+ IBFT table contained erroneous information
+ Processor C-State information was not visible
+ P-States Table (_PSD) reported incorrect/invalid information to the OS
+ Boot performance was poor
+ Failed to map the second port on an LSI storage controller + System hung during POST with a BPE3 Expansion unit attached
* Network
+ When booting with iSCSI interface, system would not login to SAN unit + A PXE function could respone with a failure when there was no problem
* USB:
+ Legacy USB SMI handler caused system to hang during POST + Legacy booting of USB storage device based on Setup settings did not work + System failed to recognize and/or boot from some USB storage devices + Legacy USB devices were not always stable
* System had no video when booting with multiple add-in video adapters
* Microsoft WLK Test Kit 1: WHEA Test failed

- Setup:
* Allow user to:
+ Select number of active cores in a CPU package (1/2/4) + Select PCIe Gen1/Gen2 configuration per slot (add-in options only) + Enable/disable onboard CDROM/DVD device
+ Enable/disable ACPI C2 (CPU C3) state
+ Enable/disable CPU prefetch setting
* Improve 'look and feel'
- Support:
* Real Time OS (RTOS) in System Maintenance Manager (SMM)
* Keyboard/mouse devices on legacy USB 2.0 controller
* BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager (BOFM) on Converged Network Adapter (CNA) daughter card
* BPE3 Expansion Unit
* Two DIMMs/channel @ 1333 MHz (qualified DIMMs only)

- Update Intel UEFI/PIA Reference Code to version 8.6.4.P1 Thurley 1.0
- Update SMBIOS Type 11 strings with addition descriptive text
- Update memory PFA conform with internal standards

Version 1.03 - BuildID: P9E126B - Suggested (Be aware to check the change history for any critical updates)
Problem(s) Fixed:
- Correct abnormalities in SOL display when running pre-boot Diagnostics
- Correct errors in the display of SEL error entries
* Incorrect descriptions for IPMI error entries
* Display of SEL full message when SEL is not full
- Errors when PXE booting with a SAS adapter card installed in the system
- Missing help text for Setup IMM configuration
- Correct video display problem when installing SLES 11
- Correct a problem setting Setup PackageCState option via ASU
- Force reservation of SATA/IDE interrupt even if no hard drive is installed
- Add RTOS table to CSM EBDA to support RTOS
- Correct improper handling of an interrupt shared with an IDE device interrupt
- Correct inability to set 'Physical Presence' for TPM updates

- Update the PXE TFTP_GET_FILE_SIZE API interface to return a proper size value instead of a 'load error' response
- Correct a problem in which WOL boot options could not be configured
- Correct inconsistent text displayed for some SEL messages
- Fix an error reporting prioblem in which PCIe errors in some slots were not being reported.
- Correct text errors in security information panel displays
- Correct simultaneous display of BDS hot keys and password dialog
- Correct a problem where boot order information from ASU was not being accepted
- Correct a program exception which occurred during boot option configuration
- Correct a CSM problem in which the network option ROM is being called with an invalid parameter
- Correct a problem with Legacy option ROMs on Blade Expansion Cards using multiple busses. Added an option for "Blade Expander Card B2" (bus #2) when a dual bus card is attached.
- Correct a situation where on-board ethernets 1 & 2 are disabled or enabled together.
The ports cannot be disabled or enabled individually.If one is disabled, then both will be disabled in h/w. To enable either port, both must be enabled.

- Update Intel CPU microcode to release 0011
- Update Intel QPI/Memory Reference Code to release 1.05
- Add setup options to support selection of system power profiles
- Add setup option to allow disablement of USB 2.0 support
- Add basic video support during PEI boot phase
- Update memory error handling support for Pre-boot Diagnostics
- Add WHEA error log support

- Improve reliability of memory configuration updates

Version 1.02 - BuildID: P9E124A - Suggested (Be aware to check the change history for any critical updates)
Problem(s) Fixed:
- FLASH utility (iflash, lflash, wflash) problems which caused:
* an error 15 when updating host system firmware to a previous level of the firmware.
* the MEM and CNFG error lights to be turned on after an update
- The default setup value for an iSCSI option was invalid
- An SMBIOS table problem which caused the Windows HCT to fail
- Interrupt routing was not valid for VMWARE 4.0
- Erroneous disablement of some DIMM's during POST.
- Sub-optimal setting for chipset control parameters
- USB errors when installing Windows 2003
- Errors when using SOL to view the IMM System Event Log
- Legacy (CSM) iSCSI does not support all defined boot attempts
- Failure to report ACPI/WHEA messages after fatal PCI errors
- Errors when reading DVD media for some drive/media combinations
- Long delay at splash screen during POST when iSCSI DHCP enabled
- missing ACPI IBFT table entry when booting a legacy OS
- Enable user control of USB-EHCI enabling via ASU
- Improve system security:
* Lock SMRAM for updates after POST
* Update settings for chipset SMRAM control registers
- Improve RAS support:
* Improve DIMM error handling
* Automated disabled DIMM recovery
* Add error messages for PCI option ROM errors
* Improve IMM SEL display presentation
* Enable error reporting for chipset thermal alerts
- Increase available high Post Memory Manager (PMM) space
- Update onboard Broadcom 5709 UEFI driver to level 4.6.35

Version 1.01 - BuildID: P9E123C - Suggested (Be aware to check the change history for any critical updates)
Problem(s) Fixed:
- Miscellaneous errors associated with the SMBIOS tables Type 17 structure bank locator field (memory DIMM location) Primary/Backup build ID reporting
Miscellaneous typographical/formatting errors
- Typographical/formatting errors in the ACPI IBFT table
- Premature request for POP/PAP password(s) during POST
- Hang problem encountered when processing some PCI errors
- Hang problem which occured with older LSI adapter firmware drivers
- Error reporting/display for some types of globaal error records
- Miscellaneous typographical/formatting errors in Setup
- Reporting of an incorrect wake-up source during POST
- Incorrect display of an LSI RAID popup menu during POST
- Missing system reset after some Setup changes which require a reset upon exiting Setup
- Improper reporting/display of a type 1E POST error when none existed
- Loss of console video display during POST legacy option ROM installation
- Improper setting of iSCSI parameters remotely via ASU
- Failure to update TPM state display after making a Setup change
- Updated Intel memory reference code to version 1.03
- Updated memory thermal throttling parameters
- Updated Setup parameters to include processor prefetch settings
- Improved Page-Up/Page-Down processing for the remote console
- Improved iSCSI parameter validation algorithm
- Improved Configuration and FLASH update documentation
- Improved serial port hardware flow control


Version 1.00 - BuildID: P9E121B (Initial Release)
Problem(s) Fixed:

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