IBM Distributed Power Interconnect (DPI) firmware update v2.10.0001 - IBM System x and BladeCenter

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PDU Firmware Version 2.10.0001

Distributed power interconnect (DPI): 39M2816, 39M2817, 39M2818, 39M2819.

This is for the following DPIs.

  • IBM DPI C13 Enterprise PDU+ (w/ power Montoring) w/o Line Cord 39M2816
  • IBM DPI Power Distribution Unit Plus (PDU+) 39M2817
  • IBM DPI C19 Enterprise PDU+ (w/ power Montoring) w/o Line Cord 39M2818
  • IBM DPI 60 Amp / 208 V 3-phase C19 Enterprise PDU+(w/Power Monitoring) (60 Amp) with fixed line cord 39M2819
  1. Modify the existing part number display rule. If Part Number is “39M2817” or “43V6045”, the GUI will display “Kit P/N 43V6045 (Option P/N 39M2817)”. This change does not affect any other models or part numbers.
  2. Fixed 0xd0 command of firmware version to properly report the correct firmware version.

Note: See the change history file for more information.

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