BIOS, firmware, or UEFI Update v1.18.01 for ServeRAID H1110 SAS/SATA Controller on Linux and VMware- IBM System x

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BIOS/FW/UEFI Update for ServeRAID H1110 SAS/SATA Controller for IBM System x

Controller Supported: ServeRAID H1110 SAS/SATA Controller for IBM System x (81Y4492)


Version: 1.18.01 - Non-Critical


BIOS Firmware UEFI Driver


  • Reduce the boot time for UEFI driver for large configurations


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Integrated Management Module (iMM) in System x servers to report
  • Warning: Sensor GPT Status has transitioned from normal to non-critical state.
  • Fixed an issue where 4k sector size drives with 512e reporting enabled show wrong physical size when running a read capacity 16 command.
  • Fixed an issue where speed negotiation for 3Gig SATA drives is not handled properly.
  • Added Support for Report Luns Command
  • Fixed an issue where OS hang during install of Linux system to a SSD
  • Fixed an issue where SAS device page 0 may still be present for Initiator devices that have been removed from the topology.
  • Fixed an issue where RHEL 6.3 hangs during boot with IBM 600GB High IOPS MLC Modular Adapter
  • Fixed an issue where a non-PI volume made up of all PI capable drives, may come up as PI enabled after a controller reset.
  • Fixed an issue where a fault 0X8808 occurs when a reset is issued to the controller that has max number of active/inactive volumes
  • Fixed an issue where "Device Present" Flag of SAS device page0 is not set for initiator controller in then target controller when two controllers are connected to each other in initiator/target mode.
  • Fixed an issue where extended tags and PCIe upconfigure capability are disabled in SAS2208 and SAS2308.
  • Fixed an issue where force full discovery does not trigger rediscovery of an expander after the initial expander discovery fails.
  • Fixed an issue where single RAID0 volume activation was succeeding, even though controller does not support single drive RAID0.
  • Fixed an issue where RAID1 volume of Non-PI drives moves to optimal state when a PI drive is hotplugged and 'Enable PI mixing' not enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where Locate LED's stop automatically after 3-4 minutes before user issues command to turn off the Locate LED's.
  • Fixed an issue where fault 0x8618 is seen when a new volume is created in the presence of another volume which is undergoing resync along with IO.
  • Fixed an issue background initialization does not start on RAID0 volume with PI drives, after removing and reinserting a volume member.


  • Fixed an issue where core BIOS displays warning message when it fails to add all of the drives connected to int13 chain, then waits for user to press any key to continue further, rather than continuing after 3 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect adapter is being tagged as the first adapter found.
  • Fixed an issue where the save or discard changes prompt appears after a failed attempt to set volume as the boot device in BIOS CU.
  • Fixed an issue where BIOS CU provides incorrect device pointer when checking for raid disk to allow/disallow setting boot device.
  • Fixed an issue where device properties screen is invoked from a direct attach device using Alt+D in SAS topology screen, device traversing [Alt+N & Alt+P] is restricted within the direct attach device and expander attach devices are not traversed.
  • Fixed an issue where the drive status field does not show 'Max dsks' when trying to select 11th drive for RAID10 volume.
  • Fixed an issue maximum Int13 devices settings does not get honored, when the value is set as 0 in BIOS CU
  • Fixed an issue where drive size of 1.088GiB was showing as 1.880GiB.
  • Fixed an issue current boot device set to device at slot 4" message Not displaying for Adaptors with boot order other than 0.
  • Fixed an issue where the BIOS CU navigates to create new volume screen instead of back to raid properties screen.
  • Fixed an issue where BIOS banner showed 'FF' for slot information.
  • Fixed an issue where the drive's SMART status is always shown as no irrespective of drive's SMART status, under Pred Fail column of the manage hot spare screen and create new volume screen.
  • Fixed an issue where SAS2 BIOS: volume size shows inconsistent value in the create new volume' screen after selecting the last volume member.
  • Fixed an issue where a disabled adapter causes the second adapter status to show as unavailable even though the second adapter is enabled.

Enhancement 1/2

  • Added capability to create an IR RAID volume in non-PI mode, even when all member drives are PI Capable.
  • Added PI info and ability to control creation of PI Volume in UCM of BSD HII.
  • Added new form manage PHY settings to support enabling or disabling of a controller PH


  • Fixed an issue view foreign volume option is disabled with a foreign volume in the configuration.

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