Firmware v7.3.6.1 - IBM BladeCenter PS700 (8406), BladeCenter PS701 (8406), BladeCenter PS702 (8406), BladeCenter PS703 (7891), BladeCenter PS704 (7891)

Change history

Version 01AA730_099_035 - 12/12/12

System firmware changes that affect all systems

  • SW165659: HIPER/Not pervasive DEFERRED : A problem was fixed that caused a system crash with SRC B170E540.
  • SW166046, SW166729 HIPER/Not pervasive: A related problem was also fixed that could cause a live lock on the power bus resulting in a system crash.
  • SW160763: The firmware was enhanced to support the installation of POWER7 blades in an 8852 BladeCenter H chassis with midplane revision 11 (FRU P/N 46C9700) or later.

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