Logins as user 'root' using Secure Shell (SSH) causes Chassis Management Module (CMM) restart - IBM Flex System


RETAIN tip: H207272


Accessing the Chassis Management Module (CMM) through Secure Shell (SSH) using the root account causes the CMM to restart.

Affected configurations

The system may be any of the following IBM servers:

  • Flex System Enterprise Chassis, 7893, any model
  • Flex System Enterprise Chassis, 8721, any model
  • Flex System Enterprise Chassis, 8724, any model

The system is configured with one or more of the following IBM Options:

Flex System Chassis Management Module, Option part number 68Y7029, any replacement part number (CRU)

This tip is not software specific.

The Build ID: 2PET10K and prior firmware for the CMM is affected.


This behavior was corrected in IBM Chassis Management Module [CMM] Firmware v1.50.0D [2PET12D] GA4.

The file is available by selecting the appropriate Product Group, type of System, Product name, Product machine type, and Operating system on IBM Support's Fix Central web page, at the following URL:


  1. Do not create a user account called 'root.'
  2. Delete any existing 'root' user account.

Note: Do not attempt to use Secure Shell (SSH) to the Chassis Management Module (CMM) with user account 'root.'

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