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RETAIN tip: H207645


The IBM Flex System Chassis Management Module (CMM) event log includes power mid-plane (PIB) errors from the Flex System V7000 Storage Node, type 4939.

The PIB errors are similar to the following:


voltage (PIB 12V) is not redundant and operational with minimal resources.

voltage (PIB 5V) redundancy degraded.

This issue occurs when either a controller canister or expansion canister is inserted into a Flex System V7000 Storage Node or when a Flex System V7000 Storage Node is inserted into a Flex System Chassis.

Affected Configurations

The system may be any of the following IBM servers:

  • Flex System V7000 Storage Node, type 4939, any model

The system is configured with one or more of the following IBM Options:

  • Flex System Chassis Management Module, Option 68Y7029, any CRU

This tip is not software specific.

The following system firmware level(s) are affected: All Flex V7000 code levels.

The system has the symptom described above.


This is a permanent limitation of the Flex V7000 enclosure. No parts should be replaced.


These reporting errors can be cleared by performing one of the following actions:

From the CMM Chassis view web interface:

  1. Right-click on one of canisters associated with the effected Flex V7000 Storage Node.
  2. Select Restart System Mgmt Processor.


Use the Chassis Management Module (CMM) Command Line Interface (CLI) to do a service reset.

For example:

  system> env -T bladeenclosure[7]:blade[1]
system:bladeenclosure[7]:blade[1]> service -vr

If these software actions fail to clear the event log error message, then physically re-seat the Flex System V7000 Storage Node enclosure.

This action should be performed during a scheduled maintenance cycle since this actions will require users to power down the Flex System V7000 Storage Node.

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