Brocade BootCode Update v3.2.4.0 for 16G FC, 10G CNA and 4/8G FC HBA (VMware) - IBM System x

Change history


New Features and Feature Enhancement:

  • Support for VMware ESXi5.5 Storage Multi-Q, IODM
  • Support for patching firmware via boot image
  • Support for UEFI Health Check Protocol
  • Support for ESXi5.5


New Features and Feature Enhancement:

  • Support for "IBM Flex System FC5024D Quad-Port 16 Gb FC Adapter" PART_NUMBER "95Y2381"


Release for FC/NIC/CNA

New Features and Feature Enhancement :

  • Updated code for Brocade 1867 IBM Flex System FC5022 FC Adapter for x22
  • BB Credit Recovery - Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • Diagnostic Port (D-Port) - LUN Level IO Latency/Stats
  • UCM (Unified Configuration Manager)
  • Windows Network Performance and scalability enhancement

Fixes or enhancements :

  • For Brocade 8x5/4x5, I/O interrupt latency values are dynamically updated. Changes are effective for all the ports on the given adapter.
  • Addressed infrequent PSOD in VMware ESX with iSCSI or VLAN configured traffic in DCB enabled network.
  • Enhanced BR1860 Tape IO performance.
  • Improved BR1860 initialization on Xen kernel.

See the change history file for more information.

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