The user ID portion of the Email address used for contact information (callhome) in the Chassis Management Module (CMM) is limited to 31 characters in length - IBM Flex Systems


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When setting up the contact information for the IBM Support (call home) feature in the Chassis Management Module (CMM), the user ID section (the part to the left of the '@' character) of the Email address cannot be longer than 31 characters, as shown in the following example:

  system> chconfig -T system:mm[p] -ce

Email: invalid input. Please make sure your input is not empty and within 128 characters complying with the format in help.

Similarly, attempting to set the address from the CMM Web interface results in the following error message:

  Error encountered. Please check fields again.

Affected configurations

The system can be any of the following IBM servers:

The system is configured with one or more of the following IBM options:

This tip is not software specific.

The Build ID: 2PET10K firmware for the CMM is affected.

The system has the symptom described above.


This issue was fixed in IBM Chassis Management Module [CMM] firmware version 1.50.0 [2PET17J] GA4, and later versions.

The file is available by selecting the appropriate Product Group, type of System, Product name, Product machine type, and Operating system on IBM Support's Fix Central web page, at the following URL:


Do not use user IDs longer than 31 characters.

For example, the following command works:

  system> chconfig -T system:mm[2] -ce

OK system

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