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IBM Fabric Manager (IFM) does not honor changes to the management Internet Protocol (IP) address of switch devices.

Subsequent operations, such as Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) failover, will not perform correctly as the IFM continues to use the old IP address.

Refreshing the chassis, or deleting and adding it again does not retrieve the updated switch data.

Affected configurations

The system is configured with at least one of the following:

  • IBM Fabric Manager (IFM) - 00D7550 (5641-F13), any version
  • IBM Fabric Manager (IFM) - 00D7551 (5641-F14), any version

This tip is not system specific.

This tip is not option specific.

Note: This does not imply that the network operating system will work under all combinations of hardware and software.

Please see the compatibility page for more information:


This behavior will be corrected in a future release of IBM Fabric Manager (IFM).

The target date for this release is scheduled for fourth quarter 2013.

The file is or will be available by selecting the appropriate Product Group, type of System, Product name, Product machine type, and Operating system on IBM Support's Fix Central web page, at the following URL:


To work around this issue, follow this procedure:

  1. Remove the switch from its bay.
  2. Select the chassis from the Hardware Devices page in IBM Fabric Manager (IFM) and select Refresh.
  3. Reseat the switch in the bay.
  4. Select the chassis from the Hardware Devices page in IFM and select Refresh a second time.

The switch information will be updated.

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