IBM Flex System Fabric CN4093 10 Gb Converged Scalable Switch Firmware Update v7.5.6.0 - IBM Enterprise Chassis

Change history (Released, July 2013)

Enhancements: None

Changes: None


  • A crash would occur when issuing the "show ufp info vport" command without explicitly specifying a vport number. (71951)

  • A crash would occur while handling an SNMP “Get” Request for the Object that contains UFP information pertaining the switch (OID 1.0.8802. (XB194463, XB202919)

  • NTPv3 authentication information was being added to outgoing NTP Client Requests, even when authentication was disabled on the Switch. The consequence was that NTP servers that do not support authentication would discard the requests (i.e. not respond to the Client Requests). (XB204541)

  • A crash could occur while handling an HTTPs request if the connection to the client was suddenly terminated while handling the transaction. (XB205895)

  • If the CMMs had "Failover on Physical Network Link" enabled (default), and the network link of the Active CMM went down, ports INTB1 and INTB2 could get disabled when the Standby CMM became active. (XB172285)

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