Flash BIOS update (Microsoft Windows package) - IBM xSeries 346

Severity: Suggested

Change history

Version 1.17 - Build ID KPE144A

  • Added support for DBS processors with hyperthreading disabled.

Version 1.16 - Build ID KPJT42A

  • Fixed Linux kernel install hang at reboot if a fiber channel card is present.
  • Fixed possible data corruption error in SMI handler. The primary symptom is NetWare 6.5 losing PCI configuration information and failing to make network connections as a result. This failure generally has a very low probability of occurence but if experienced, causes PCI configuration errors that could exhibit almost any symptom.
  • If the user presses F12 during boot, but does not select a boot device from the subsequent menu, then a network boot will be attempted instead of the default boot sequence.

Version 1.15 - Build ID KPJT40A

  • Fixed memory map error that may cause SLES10 to fail installation with an NMI.
  • Adjusted memory timing values that may lead to reports of excessive single-bit errors.
  • Fixed problem that the BMC may lose serial connection after BMC reset.

Version 1.14 Build ID KPJT39A

  • Fixed problem with some PCIE adapters that could cause NMIs
  • Corrected APCI table error when hyperthreading is disabled
  • Corrected 2 CPUs reported present when one dual-core CPU is installed

Version 1.13 - Build ID KPJT38A

  • Fixed problem extracting a diskette using the Windows and Linux flash update utilities
  • Fixed problems displaying adapter option ROM setup screens on a remote console
  • Enhanced validity checking on hard disk boot sectors

Version 1.12 - Build ID KPJT37C

  • Fixed shutdown problem on Red Hat Linux
  • Fixed remote graphics display issues on Linux
  • Reduced predictive failure alerts for memory
  • Updated Adaptec SCSI BIOS to coexist with SCSI adapters better

Version 1.11- Build ID KPJT36A

  • Added Processor patch file support for CPU IDs F49 and F4A
  • Added Dual core support for CPU ID F48
Version 1.10 - Build ID KPJT34A
  • Fixed ACPI hibernate resume hang when scheduled task is enabled to wake the system (RTC)
Version 1.09 - Build ID KPJT33A
  • Added support for add-in video adapter
  • Fixed ACPI issue on Linux that caused hyperthreading to disappear
  • Fixed intermittent Wake-On-LAN failure
  • Fixed Serial Over LAN display corruption
Version 1.07 - Build ID KPJT31A
  • Added Demand-Based-Switching for enabled processors.
  • Added ability to disable RSA II periodic SMI.
  • Updated PXE option rom to enable large packets.
  • Updated CPU microcode for CPU types F34, F41, and F43.
  • Fixed problem with some PCI cards in slot 3
  • Fixed performance problem under heavily loaded conditions.
  • Fixed problem with RSA II remote session during system Setup.
  • Fixed problem with USB mass storage devices.
  • Improved USB CD boot performance.
Version 1.05 - Build ID KPJT27C
  • Fixed CD boot problem
  • Enhanced save of BMC Serial Port setting
  • Fixed problems using Serial Over Lan and serial port sharing
Version 1.04 - Build ID KPJT26A
  • Added support for CPU type F43
  • Fixed PCI interrupt allocation problem with IRQ3. This problem could cause PCI device and serial port errors
  • Fixed hang after Diagnostics flash update under Windows
  • Fixed problem booting from CD when a USB floppy is attached
  • Properly report a CPU mismatch error
  • Properly report memory errors
  • Properly report cable disconnected conditions
  • Illuminate correct LED when PCI error occurs
  • Fixed case where Asset Tag Id might not appear in SMBIOS data
  • Additional support for BMC function
  • Corrected a misspelling
Version 1.03 - Build ID KPJT25A
  • Fixed BIOS SETUP functions
  • Additional support for BMC function

Version 1.02 - Build ID KPJT24A

  • Support for enhanced BMC function
  • LightPath diagnostics enhancements
  • Fixed BIOS SETUP functions
  • Updated Broadcom PXE ROM code

Version 1.01 - Build ID KPJT23B

  • Support for processor mixed stepping levels
  • Possible DIMM reporting error
  • Possible hangs during installation of Windows 2000 Server
  • Update PXE code
  • Some LightPath diagnostics enhancements
  • Fixed POST function keys
  • Possible POST hangs reading VPD data with Service Processor card installed.
  • Problems when adapter ROMs are disabled in setup
  • Updated firmware for CPU IDs F34 and F41
  • Updated ATI video BIOS
  • Updated Adaptec SCSI BIOS

Version 1.00 - Build ID KPJT22A

  • Initial release

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