IBM ServerGuide Setup and Installation CD version 7.3 - IBM eServer xSeries 205, 305

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  • 31r2561.iso - MD5 Checksum: 84d8c7bca56c2131aa29230054453083
  • - MD5 Checksum: b79c630392b1bc2e49185d53d0adf835
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Why use ServerGuide?

ServerGuide accelerates and simplifies the installation of IBM servers in the following ways:

  • Assists with installing popular operating systems
    Provides updated device drivers based on the hardware detected.
  • Reduces reboots during hardware configuration and native operating system installation
    With fewer reboots and your server up and running sooner, your IT personnel can complete other tasks, which reduces your total cost of ownership.
  • Provides consistency and confidence in server installation
    ServerGuide guides you through well-planned and well-designed user interface dialogues.
  • Provides access to additional firmware and drivers not applied at install time
    Access to additional firmware and drivers not applied at install time (adapter cards which may not be machine at install times and added later), as well as system drivers for other types of IBM servers.

ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit

ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit download matrix. Supported with ServerGuide 7.3 or greater.

Version 7.3 supports the following servers
  • IBM eServer xSeries 205 (Type 8480)
  • IBM eServer xSeries 305 (Type 8673)

Supported 32 bit Microsoft Windows operating systems

: All operating systems may not be supported on all systems listed.
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 (Enterprise, Standard and Web Editions)
  • Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 (Standard and Premium Editions)

Supported languages
  • English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese
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