System service parts - IBM BladeCenter T (Type 8720)

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Exploded view Bezel assembly Air filter Chassis management module blade filler Media tray Chassis Power supply Chassis Chassis management module Bezel assembly Air filter blade filler Media tray Power supply


  1. Field replaceable units (FRUs) should be serviced only by qualified field service technicians. Customer replaceable units can be replaced by the customer.
  2. If your specific model is not listed, please use the Quick path feature on the right-nav, and refer to the product description. Look for the "Based on" model.



Replacement part number CRU)
1 Bezel
(model 1Rx) 90P3716 (CRU)
Slim (model 2Rx) 39M4294 (CRU)
2 Air filter
model 1Rx) 90P3794 (CRU)
3 Chassis management module
(model 1Rx) 32R0864 (CRU)
(model 2Rx) 32R0854 (CRU)
4 Blade filler
(model 1Rx) 90P3718 (CRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M3317 (CRU)
5 CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
With media tray (model 1Rx) 90P3697 (CRU)
Without media tray (model 1Rx option) 26K5439 (CRU)
Without media tray (model 1Rx option) 71P7359 (CRU)
Without media tray (primary, model 2Rx) 39M3551 (CRU)
Without media tray (primary, model 2Rx) 39M3551 (CRU)
6 Chassis
(model 1Rx) 90P3729 (FRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M4283 (FRU)
7 Power supply
1300 W (DC power) (model 1Rx) 90P3712 (CRU)
1300 W (DC power) (model 2Rx) 32R0817 (CRU)
Power supply filler
(model 1Rx) 90P3717 (CRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M4297 (CRU)
. 2-post rack mount kit
(model 1Rx) 90P3802 (FRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M4299 (FRU)
. 4-post rack mount kit
(model 1Rx) 90P3803 (FRU)
(model 2Rx) 39R8313 (FRU)
. Hard drive
73.4 GB (option) 32P0730 (FRU)
. Carrier kit

(model 2Rx) contains:

  • Interposer card
  • Plastic DVD/CD
  • DVD cover
39R8315 (CRU)
. Chassis lift handle
(model 1Rx) 03K9069 (CRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M4258 (CRU)
. Diskette drive
(model 1Rx) 06P5223 (CRU)
. DVD Multi-Burner
(option) 39M3525 (CRU)
. Ethernet GB switch
(option) 32R0791 (CRU)
. Ethernet IRCL switch
(option) 73P9044 (CRU)
. Fibre channel switch
(option) 59P6621 (CRU)
. Chassis management module filler
(model 1Rx) 90P3795 (CRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M4296 (CRU)
. Rack mounting kit

(model 2Rx) contains:

  • Bezel lock (1)
  • Front top rail (2)
  • Left bracket (1)
  • M4x8 screw (10)
  • M6 hex head screw (32)
  • Rear bracket (2)
  • Right bracket (1)
39R8334 (FRU)
. System service label
(model 1Rx) 90P3810 (CRU)
(model 2Rx) 32R0873 (CRU

Rear view KVM module LAN module Backplane insulator Lower flex circuit Backplane Rear chassis stiffener bracket DC rear panel DC terminal cover with fasteners Blower module Upper flex circuit DC Docking board/blower housing Switch module filler Switch module filler Blower module DC Docking board/blower housing Upper flex circuit KVM module LAN module Rear chassis stiffener bracket Backplane Backplane insulator Lower flex circuit DC terminal cover with fasteners DC rear panel



Replacement part number (FRU/CRU)
1 Switch module filler
(model 2Rx) 39M3261 (CRU)
2 Blower module
(model 1Rx) 32R0914 (CRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M4285 (CRU)
3 Docking board/blower housing - DC
(model 1Rx) 90P3790 (FRU)
(model 2Rx) 32R0815 (FRU)
4 Upper flex circuit
(model 1Rx) 90P3698 (FRU)
(model 2Rx) 39R8317 (FRU)
5 KVM module
(model 1Rx) 90P3710 (CRU)
(model 2Rx) 32R0814 (CRU)
6 LAN module
(model 1Rx) 90P3709 (CRU)
(model 2Rx) 32R0813 (CRU)
7 DC rear panel
(model 1Rx) 90P3842 (CRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M4291 (CRU)
8 Rear chassis stiffener bracket
(model 1Rx) 25K8231 (FRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M4289 (FRU)
9 Backplane
(model 1Rx) 25K8381 (FRU)
(model 2Rx) 32R0811 (FRU)
10 Backplane insulator
(model 1Rx) 90P3841 (FRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M4286 (FRU)
11 Lower flex circuit
(model 1Rx) 90P3789 (FRU)
(model 2Rx) 39R8316 (FRU)
12 DC terminal cover with fasteners
(model 1Rx) 90P3792 (FRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M4293 (FRU)
. Alarm panel cable
(model 1Rx) 73P7576 (CRU)
(model 2Rx) 39M4255 (CRU)
. DC power cord
(model 1Rx) 36L8886 (CRU)
. Parts kit

(model 1Rx) contains:

  • CD spring (1)
  • Diskette drive spring (1)
  • Lower damper (4)
  • Upper damper (4)
  • Mounting hardware assembly (1)
  • Label (2)
  • M3.5 slotted screw (8)
13N2659 (FRU)
. Wrist strap
(model 1Rx) 640959 (CRU)

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