IBM and LSI Basic or Integrated RAID SAS controller software matrix

Supported controllers:

  • Onboard LSI 1064 SAS controller
  • Onboard LSI 1064e SAS controller
  • Onboard LSI 1068 SAS controller
  • Onboard LSI 1078 SAS controller
  • IBM SAS HBA (25R8060, 25R8071)
  • IBM SAS Expansion Card (CFFv) for IBM BladeCenter (39Y9190)
  • IBM SAS Connectivity Card (CFFv) for IBM BladeCenter (43W3974)
  • IBM SAS/SATA RAID Kit (42C1312, 42C1313)
  • IBM ServeRAID BR10i SAS controller (44E8688)
  • IBM ServeRAID BR10il SAS controller (44X0411)
  • IBM 3Gb SAS HBA (44E8700)

Support CD
Software Windows Linux DOS
CFGGEN Utility
v1.16.00.04 v2.06.01 v2.10.00
CFGGEN SCSI Utility v5.01.02.00 v5.01.03.00 n/a
n/a v4.05.00 v4.05.00
IBM 3Gb SAS HBA v2 Documentation
IBM ServeRAID MR10 Documentation multiple
IBM ServeRAID BR10i SAS Controller Documentation multiple
Drivers by operating system
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Novell NetWare
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
Support Utilities
Storage Configuration Manager (SCM)
MSM (Storage Management) Application for Windows v13.01.04
MSM (Storage Management) Application for Linux v13.01.04
Firmware updates by System or option
System Windows Linux DOS
BladeCenter HX5 v2.74 v2.74 N/A
BladeCenter HS22V v2.74 v2.74 N/A
BladeCenter HS22 (7870) v2.74 v2.74 N/A
BladeCenter HS12 v2.75 v2.75 N/A
BladeCenter HS20 v1.41 v1.41 v1.41
BladeCenter HS21 (8853, 1885) v1.72 v1.72 N/A
BladeCenter HS21 (7995), BladeCenter HS21 XM (7995, 1915) v2.74 v2.74 N/A
System x3610 v2.66 v2.66 N/A
BladeCenter LS21 (7971)
BladeCenter LS41 (7972)
v1.41 v1.41 v1.41
BladeCenter LS22 (7901)
BladeCenter LS42 (7902)
v2.74 v2.74 N/A
System x3850 M2 / x3950 M2 (7141, 7144) v2.66 v2.66 N/A
System x3200 M2 (4367, 4368)
System x3250 M2 (4190, 4191, 4194)
System x3350 (4192, 4193)
v2.74 v2.74 N/A
System x3200 (4362, 4363)
System x3250 (4364, 4365)
v1.41.01 v1.41.01
IntelliStation M Pro (9229, 9230)
IntelliStation Z Pro (9228)
v1.41.01 N/A N/A
Options Windows Linux DOS
IBM ServeRAID-BR10il v2 (49Y4731) v2.74 v2.74 N/A
  • System x3100 M3 (4253)
  • System x3200 M3 (7327, 7328)
  • System x3250 M3 (4251, 4252, 4260)
  • System x3400 M2 (7836, 7837)
  • System x3500 M2 (7839)
  • System x3550 M2 (7946, 4198)
  • System x3650 M2 (7947, 4199)
IBM ServeRAID BR10i SAS controller (44E8688) v2.74 v2.74 N/A
IBM SAS HBA (25R8060 - 25R8071) v2.74 v2.74 N/A
IBM SAS Expansion Card (CFFv) for IBM BladeCenter (39Y9190) v2.72 v2.72 N/A
IBM 3Gb SAS HBA (44E8700) v2.74 v2.74 N/A

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