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IBM Approved Warranty Service programs overview

We all know that the marketplace has changed. Customers require faster work order resolution and higher levels of overall service performance. In the never ending drive to lower cost, manufacture product margins are shrinking which impacts the resellers revenue. An alternative for IBM Business Partner resellers, is the Approved Warranty Service Provider (ASP) program. You can be approved by IBM to offer warranty services for the products you sell. As an ASP, delivering warranty service has the potential to provide a revenue stream which in turn affords the opportunity to improve your margins and increase your visibility and value to your customer.

As an ASP, IBM will focus on working with you so that you can provide reliable and quality warranty service and support to your customers. You will have the opportunity to earn enhanced reimbursements, get new and updated service training and have on-line access to customer satisfaction results of the customers to whom you provide warranty service.

Approved Warranty Service Provider (ASP) program

IBM Business Partners who sell or resell Systems and Technology Groups portfolio of System x and/or Retail Store Solutions (RSS) products and who have demonstrated adherence to the key Business Partner qualities of commitment, competency, contribution and customer satisfaction may request to become an ASP and provide warranty service for the IBM System x products they sell.

As an ASP, the Business Partner receives a Startup Kit which provides details of the program, becomes eligible to receive travel, labor and parts reimbursements providing they meet the criteria specified in the IBM Warranty Service Program Terms and Conditions.


The ASP is eligible to receive bonus payments through the Pay for Performance program which is based on overall ASP warranty service performance and their customer satisfaction.

As an IBM ASP, the Business Partner will have access to:

  • IBM’s highly skilled technical support teams
  • Engineering Change Announcements and dealer tips
  • Hardware maintenance manuals, parts listings, service patches and BIOS upgrades
  • IBM tools to verify the warranty status of machines they service
  • IBM tools to easily submit warranty claims
  • Service and Support Profile Management (SPM) internet application to maintain company and technician records

How to enroll

IBM Business Partner resellers in the US and Canada who are interested in becoming an ASP should contact the Business Partner Warranty Support Center (BPWSC) at 800-426-7299, Option 2 or send an email to Please include your contact information (Name, Company Name, phone number) and your 5-digit IBM Location ID which identifies your company as an IBM approved System x or RSS Reseller. The BPWSC will contact you within 24 business hours of the receipt of your email.

A form will be sent for you to complete and return to IBM. Once it has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive a call from the BPWSC to schedule a conference call. During the conference call, a Business Partner Warranty Program representative will go over the Warranty Service Program, including the program terms and conditions, and how to get the training for ServiceBench, the warranty service application.

IBM Business Partner resellers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa should contact their in country IBM contact, Sales person, account manager or Country Warranty Owner for information about the process for joining the program.

Authorization requirements

Once the enrollment process is completed the next step is for the company location to be authorized to provide warranty service. In order to do this, education and certification requirements, based on geographic location must be met. Information concerning the requirements for your specific geography is provided in the startup kit you receive as part of the enrollment process.


ASPs responsibilities include:

  • Validate that the end user customer is entitled to IBM Warranty Service
  • Maintain IBM Warranty Service approval status and capability
  • Ensure warranty service is performed by personnel trained to IBM standards, consistent with IBM’s service terms
  • Submit only valid warranty reimbursement claims
  • Retain records by location for each warranty claim submitted for three years
  • Maintain adequate tools, test equipment and current technical information to provide quality warranty service
  • Use only IBM parts when performing warranty service unless otherwise agreed to by IBM in writing
  • Provide IBM warranty service on only IBM System x products the IBM Business Partner is approved to sell
  • Adhere to the terms and conditions of the Approved Warranty Service Provider program as documented in the IBM Service Support Guide


There is a startup fee to become an IBM ASP as well as an annual renewal fee. This fee is charged at a BP level independent of the number of service locations.

Warranty claim processing

Warranty claims are submitted on the web using ServiceBench. ServiceBench provides key entry audits, entitlement lookup, initiates the warranty parts order and travel and/or labor reimbursement through a direct dial or an Internet connection.

Customer satisfaction

IBM has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and this commitment extends to the IBM Business Partners and IBM ASPs. Every ASP is responsible for customer satisfaction and is required to participate in the customer satisfaction survey program set up by IBM. Random surveys are conducted with the end user customer asking them to rate their satisfaction with the IBM ASP’s service, including the technician’s response time, technical ability, and length of time for repair..

Warranty Service Self Maintainer (WSSM) program

IBM customers who have internal support structures may want the ability to perform their own warranty repairs. The IBM Warranty Service Self-Maintainer Program allows IBM customers to perform warranty service on eligible IBM products in their own company.

The education requirements for the WSSMs are the same as they are for the ASPs and they also have access to many of the same IBM tools and resources as the ASPs.

Applicable countries and regions


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