Support technical exchanges for WebSphere Portal

IBM support wants to help you take full advantage of your product. Join us as technical experts share their knowledge and then answer your questions. The sessions are designed to address specific technical issues and provide in-depth but narrowly focused training in convenient, live 1-2 hour seminars. Visit this site often to see upcoming topics and presenters.

Schedules are subject to change.

Please join the technical exchange 10 minutes early.

31 Jul 2014 Ask The Experts: WebSphere Application Server V8 Security Concepts

This Ask the Experts will help customers understand key security concepts in WebSphere Application Server V8. Topics covered include the following components: Cross cell communication, Dynamic Outbound SSL configuration and Java 2 security Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

07 Aug 2014 Ask the Experts "Getting the Best from the CICS Transaction Server Knowledge Center"

This Ask the Experts will help customers understand the best ways to use the CICS Transaction Server Knowledge Center, our new product documentation tool Level of Difficulty: Beginners

12 Aug 2014 Ask the Experts: Commerce Search

This session will be used to discuss some of the key Feature Pack 7 Commerce Search architecture changes and answer common questions.

14 Aug 2014 Direct Integration with Sterling Order Management and WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 7

This presentation will consist of an overview of the integration, how to migrate from a previous WESB integration to Direct, as well as the latest fixes.

14 Aug 2014 Processing Segmented Messages in Websphere DataPower using WebSphere MQ V7.5

This presentation will discuss configuration artifacts that can create segmented messages from a queue and then PUT those messages to a destination queue so that an application such as MQ File Transfer Agent can assemble it for further processing. It will cover some use case scenarios such as Queue-To-File or Queue-To-Queue or File-To-Queue message processing. Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

19 Aug 2014 HAManager Overview and Common Issues

This WebSphere Support Technical Exchange is designed to describe the importance of WebSphere Application Server HA Manager, HA Manager memory usage, HA Manager tuning recommendations and common issues. Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

26 Aug 2014 IBM HTTP Server (IHS) Performance Tuning

This WebSphere Support Technical Exchange is designed to introduce basic performance related configuration and debugging concepts for the IBM HTTP Server (IHS) and plugins. Level of Difficulty: Beginner

27 Aug 2014 Ask the Experts: Troubleshooting common Web Services problems seen in WebSphere Application Server

This Ask the Expert session will answer questions regarding Web Services (excluding Web Services Security) problems seen in IBM WebSphere Application Server. This session previously scheduled for July 15th and been moved to Aug 27th. Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

28 Aug 2014 Debugging top 5 memory problems in IBM Integration Bus

The WSTE will discuss the top 5 IIB/WMB problems with memory. It will focus on Troubleshooting, debugging techniques and tuning involved in resolving the problems that may be extended to other problems of similar nature. Level of Difficulty: Intemediate

04 Sep 2014 Working with IBM WebSphere Commerce Support

This session will provide an overview of the best practices when working with the WebSphere Commerce L2 Support team.

11 Sep 2014 Leveraging Holiday Readiness Program to Prepare for Peak Commerce Season

IBM is taking a proactive approach to reach out to clients in preparation of peak days. The Holiday Readiness program helps drive client success through enhanced IBM collaboration, partnered with proactive risk mitigation for clients. We will take a deep-dive from a WebSphere Commerce perspective into how clients can prepare on their own, and through the proactive program.

20 Nov 2014 Getting started with REST in WebSphere Commerce v7

This presentation will introduce REST in WebSphere Commerce and what is new for REST in Feature Pack 7.