Overview - IBM Half-High LTO Generation 4 SAS tape drive


The new IBM Half-high LTO Gen 4 SAS Tape Drive delivers enterprise-class capacity at an entry-level LTO Gen 4 price point. In addition, the condensed half-height form factor now allows internal installation into standard 5.25-inch HH bays on mid- to high-end System x servers, providing a high-capacity, high-performance, and high-reliability tape solution.

Take advantage of solid performance, excellent data storage capacity, a high-density form factor, and industry leading LTO backup technology with the IBM Half-high LTO Generation 4 SAS Tape Drive.

The drive offers is an attractively priced entry offering into LTO technology, designed for mid- to high-end System x servers requiring high-capacity, high-performance, and high-reliability tape solutions in a 5.25-inch, half-high form factor. Using its onboard hardware data compression feature and assuming a 2:1 compression ratio, this drive can
store up to 1600 GB compressed per cartridge at a backup rate of up to 240 MB/s.

The LTO Generation 4 delivers strong performance with data transfers up to 120 MB/s in native mode (432 GB/hr) and up to 240 MB/s in compressed mode(2) (864 GB/hr).

Key messages

  • Mid- to high-end server class capacity, up to 1600 GB compressed, at an entry-level LTO Generation 4 price point
  • 2x transfer rate increase from current half-height LTO Generation 3
  • 5.25-inch half-height form factor for internal mounting in more System x Tower systems
  • 1 o SAS interface for improved performance and reliability

Features and functions

  • Form factor: 5.25-inch half-height internal drive
  • Capacity: 800 GB (1600 GB compressed) capacity
  • Performance: Up to 120 MB/s (240 MB/s compressed) transfer rate
  • Interface: SAS
  • Backward compatibility: Read/Write compatible with LTO Gen 3 cartridges. Read compatible with LTO Gen 2, and 3 cartridges.
  • Service and support: One-year, customer replaceable unit (CRU)

At a glance

The new IBM Half-high LTO Generation 4 SAS Tape Drive is a tape backup subsystem ideal for mid-range to high-end data backup applications. This tape drive offers:

  • 5.25-inch, half-high form factor (internal installation)
  • Solid performance 800 GB native capacity, up to 120 MB/s native transfer rate, 1600 GB capacity and up to 240 MB/s with compression enabled
  • Easy to use and service
  • Support for SAS adapters
  • Support for leading operating systems and popular backup software

Hardware requirements

This product requires connection to a dedicated channel of an integrated SAS controller installed in the server.

Internal installation in an open 5.25-inch, half-high bay in the following servers is supported. For the latest, and most accurate, compatibility information, visit our web site

http://www.ibm.com/servers/eserver/serverproven/compat/us/ then select System x, and then Tape Backup Units.

  • IBM System x3200 (Type 4362, 4363, 4367)
  • IBM System x3250 (Type 4364, 4365, 4190, 4191)
  • IBM System x3400 (Type 7973, 7974, 7975, 7976)
  • IBM System x3455 (Type 7984, 7940)
  • IBM System x3500 (Type 7977)
  • IBM System x3550 (Type 7978)
  • IBM System x3650 (Type 7979)
  • IBM System x3655 (Type 7985)
  • IBM System x3755 (Type 8877)
  • IBM System x3800 (Type 8866)
  • IBM System x3850 (Type 8864, 8878)
  • IBM System x3950 (Type 7141)

External attachment in the following Enclosures is supported:

  • IBM 1U Tape Enclosure (Type 8765-1UX)
  • IBM 4U Tape Enclosure (Type 8766-4UX)
  • IBM Half-High Tabletop Tape Enclosure (Type 8767-HHX)

Marketing part number information

Marketing part number
Replacement part number CRU/FRU Type
IBM Half High LTO Generation 4 SAS Tape Drive 44E8895 45E1125 - Tape drive Tier 1
44E8878 - SAS Cable
42C3934 - Screw Pack
41Y7711 - Drive rail


Field Installable: Yes
Customer Setup: Yes
Warranty Period: 1 year CRU

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