Flash BIOS update (DOS update package) - IBM eServer xSeries 345

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Note: If the server hangs during a BIOS update, the system board does not need to be replaced. Instead, simply move the jumper on the system board to enable the server to boot from the BIOS update floppy diskette. After the BIOS is flashed, move the jumper back to its original position. The server should now boot up with the new BIOS level installed.

Change history

Version 1.21 - GEJT63A

  • Updated LSI SCSI ROM and FW to fix data scrubbing and message issues

Version 1.20 - GEJT62A

  • Added support for IA-32e CPUs

Version 1.19 - GEJT61A

  • Added ability to disable the Remote Supervisor II Adapter generation of a periodic System Management Interrupt which occurs every 15 minutes

Version 1.18 - GEJT60A

  • Updated firmware for CPU IDs F25 and F29
  • Updated LSI SCSI FW to fix drive sync issue
  • Fixed problem with Asset Tag not appearing in SMBIOS data

Version 1.17 - GEJT57B

  • Fixed SMBIOS reporting of BIOS version to allow ServerGuide to configure ServeRAID 6i
  • Updated firmware for CPU IDs F25 and F29
  • Updated fix for possible POST memory problem after Linux restart
  • Updated LSI SCSI ROM and FW to fix bad block issue (See RETAIN Tip H18502 for more information on this issue)

Version 1.16 - GEJT56A

  • Added Setup option to disable periodic ISMP SMI
  • Added support for "Diagnostic Data Capture"
  • Fixed booting when USB memory key is installed
  • Fixed incorrect system event log time stamp display for ISMP (Integrated System Management Processor) when viewed in Setup
  • Fixed possible BIST errors from CPU ID F25
  • Fixed possible POST memory problem after Linux restart
  • Fixed potential Setup hang
  • Fixed USB devices behind hubs not being detected in POST
  • Fixed use of various USB hubs during POST
  • Updated firmware for CPU ID F25
  • Updated Setup help text
  • Updated to support CDs with multiple boot-images in USB CD-ROMs
  • Updated Type 129 SMBIOS structure to let Director enable ASF

Version 1.15 - GEJT52A

  • Added POST delay during USB enumeration to check for F1 press from USB device (local keyboard or remote RSA II keyboard)
  • Added Setup option to automatically loop and retry boot sequence when no boot device is found
  • Added Setup option to run PXE on Planar Ethernet 1 or 2 or BOTH Changed Setup to keep USB Legacy enabled when Keyboardless Operation is enabled
  • Fixed chipset erratum causing IERR on Windows restart
  • Fixed problem with dropping of keystrokes from USB devices (local keyboard or remote RSA II keyboard)
  • Fixed USB boot device issues with CD-ROM, Floppy, and HD-emulated CD

Version 1.13 - GEJT50A

  • Fixed INT 13h, Function 4B01h, for USB CD-ROM drives
  • Fixed Red Hat 2.1 Advanced Server install
  • Fixed writes to Remote Floppy with RSA II installed
  • Removed 162 error when mouse added with Keyboardless Operation enabled
  • Updated firmware for CPU IDs F27 and F29

Version 1.12 - GEJT49A

  • Fixed chipset erratum for integrated ServeRAID support

Version 1.11 - GEJT48A

  • Added support for CPU ID F25 (with 1MB L3 cache)
  • Fixed false I9990301 error when USB Legacy disabled
  • Fixed minor SMBIOS structure issues

Version 1.10 - GEJT45A

  • Fixed various chipset errata
  • Removed 301/8603 POST errors when USB keyboard attached with Keyboardless Operation enabled
  • Removed 3 MB reserved memory regions when no RSA installed
  • Updated SCSI BIOS to fix intermittent checkpoint 1E hangs
  • Updated SMBIOS Type 20 structure memory addresses

Version 1.09 - GEJT42A

  • Added firmware for CPU ID F29
  • Added enhanced memory support for 533 MHz-based systems
  • Added video VPD support for RSA II
  • Disabled USB and ECC diagnostics tests from RSA II remote session
  • Identified single DIMM in error isolation
  • Preserved PCI LED status until AC power is removed
  • Added function to read current RSA II setting for OS USB selection

Version 1.08 - GEJT37A

  • Added support for diagnostics VPD display from Director and RSA II utility
  • Changed RSA II settings menu layout in setup
  • Disabled USB and ECC diagnostics tests from RSA II remote session
  • Fixed 32-bit Power Management Timer flag for ACPI support
  • Fixed saving RSA II IP address settings from setup
  • Updated firmware for CPU ID F24

Version 1.07 - GEJT36A

  • Added boot support for USB CDROM and diskette drives
  • Added front-side bus speed display in setup
  • Added hardware flow control option for Remote Console Redirection
  • Added RSA II support
  • Added Setup option for PXE option ROM priority
  • Added VT100 keyboard emulation for Remote Console Redirection
  • Changed the default Flash image file name to $0052000.FLS
  • Changed Setup to plain grey background
  • Disabled power switch in early POST to prevent improper shutdown
  • Fixed 1602 POST error code (RSA cable not present)
  • Fixed ACPI BIOS warnings in Windows Event Viewer
  • Fixed BIOS VPD structure checksum
  • Fixed improper detection of changes in setup
  • Fixed more chipset errata
  • Fixed lighting of PCI Bus LEDs for PCI errors
  • Fixed remote diskette boot issues
  • Fixed Wake-up Type in SMBIOS Type 1 structure
  • Improved Wake on LAN after improper shutdown
  • Increased FLS file size to 384KB
  • Removed LS-120 boot support
  • Updated CPU mismatch POST error (199) handling
  • Updated firmware for Xeon C-1 stepping (CPU ID F27)
  • Updated Flash Utility to handle 384KB images
  • Updated help text for System MAC Addresses menu
  • Updated LSI (on-board SCSI) ROM image for INT 13h bug fix

Version 1.06 - GEJT32A

  • Added workaround for system hang during RDM OS install with RSA present

    NOTE: This problem that exists with previous versions should not prevent remote deployment of POST/BIOS version 1.06 via RDM as part of an OS install (because the POST/BIOS update is done prior to the OS install process).

Version 1.05 - GEJT31A

  • Added EMM386 support for remote diskette boot
  • Added support for 533 MHz-based chipset and CPUs
  • Fixed INT 1Ah function to set Real-Time Clock alarm
  • Fixed PCI interrupt routing to assign values from Setup menu
  • Fixed various chipset errata
  • Removed non-US language files
  • Updated firmware for Xeon C-1 stepping (CPU ID F27)
  • Updated PCI error handling
  • Updated PXE BIOS to latest version
  • Updated reserved resources for ACPI-based operating systems

Version 1.04 - GEJT30A

  • Added 164 event logging for memory size changes
  • Added CPU Prefetch Queue option in setup
  • Added MAC address display in setup
  • Added remote diskette boot support
  • Added Front-side-bus parity error handling
  • Improved reporting of single-bit memory errors
  • Fixed ASF Stop Watchdog command
  • Fixed BIOS revision display in RSA utility
  • Fixed event logging for PERRs
  • Fixed Flash Update Utility bugs
  • Fixed Remote Console Redirection bugs
  • Fixed RSA remote POST keyboard issues
  • Fixed SMBIOS planar device reporting
  • Updated SCSI BIOS for tape drive support

Version 1.03 - GEJT19A

  • Enabled CPU(s) Prefetch Queue to improve performance
  • Updated firmware for Xeon C-1 stepping (CPU ID F27)

Version 1.02 - GEJT18A

  • Updated LSI (on-board SCSI) firmware

Version 1.00 - GEJT14A

  • Initial release


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