Finding my product number (machine type / model or part number) and serial number


How is my product number used?

The product number is used to find specific information about your product on the Support and downloads site. The product number can also be used by the Support Center to provide technical assistance for your product.
  • 7 character product number (machine type and model)
  • 7 or 12 character serial number


Finding your product number on your system's label

IBM System x, eServer xSeries, Netfinity, Intellistation, and PC servers

Located on the back panel of the system.


Where can I use this information?

Quick path
Enter your machine type and model or product number (if you are looking for information for an option) in the Quick path field in the right-nav. Then, you will be taken to a page with information specifically for your product.

Warranty lookup
If you want to find out the warranty status for your system, you can enter your machine type and serial number on the Warranty page to find it.

Applicable countries and regions


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