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What is an .iso file?

An .iso file is a single large CD image file that represents a whole set of programs and data as they will appear once extracted and burned onto a CD-ROM disc. The entire CD image is stored in the ISO 9660 format with a file extension of ".iso". To be used, the .iso file must be first extracted and burned onto a CD-ROM disc using the software that came with your CD-ROM burner.

How to extract an .iso file to a CD-ROM disc (using Adaptec Easy CD Creator software*)
  1. Download the .iso image file to your local hard disk drive.
  2. Start the Adaptec Easy CD Creator program.
  3. Select option to create a Data CD.
  4. Insert a blank CD into your CD-Recorder drive.
  5. Click File, then click Create CD from CD Image... the "Open File" dialog box will appear.
  6. Change "Files of Type" to ISO Image Files (*.iso).
  7. Select the filename and location of the .iso file you downloaded, then click Open. A box entitled "CD Creation Setup" will appear.
  8. Select the Advanced tab, then select Close Disc.
  9. Click OK from the "CD Creation Setup" box to begin creating the CD.
  10. When the CD is finished, a final dialog box will appear to notify you that the recording is complete.
  11. You may now use the CD-ROM you have just created.

* Note: The instructions above are for use with the Adaptec Easy CD Creator software. Please refer to the instructions that came with the software utility for your CD burner to learn how to create a CD-ROM from an .iso disc image file. Not all CD images are bootable.


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