(Critical update) NVIDIA for Windows XP 32 bit v169.76 - IBM BladeCenter HC10 (Type 7996)

NVIDIA Display Driver for Microsoft Windows 32 bit
Machine Type 7996

Version 169.76, nvidi_dd_video_169.76_winxp32_noarch.exe
Problem(s) Fixed:

  • Horizontal Tearing on CP20 when moving 2D drawings in Catia

Version 169.55, nvidi_DD_video_169.55_winxp32_noarch.exe
Problem(s) Fixed:

  • Catia V5R18 Crash


  • Readback performance enhancement

Version 174.70, nvidi_DD_video_174.70_winxp32_noarch.exe
Problem(s) Fixed:

  • Fixed persistence issue with loosing dual monitor settings upon reboot.


  • Video bios version 60.84.6a.00.19 must be used for the 1600M and version for the 120 M or latest available.

Version 162.69, nvidi_DD_video_162.69_winxp32_noarch.exe
Problem(s) Fixed:

  • Added support for Horizontal and Vertical Span in Windows XP 32 bit and XP 64 bit
  • Multiple fixes for Catia certification


  • Added resolution 2048 x 768 for use in dual head configuration


  • Video BIOS version 60.84.6a.00.19 must be used for the 1600M and version for the 120M.

Version 162.58, nvidi_DD_video_162.58_winxp32_noarch.exe

  • Initial release

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