(Critical update) UPS Management Software v9.0.1 CD Image File - IBM System x and BladeCenter

Version 9.0.1 current version

What's New in this Release. This is also located on the CD. To find it start at Install product, then click on Release Notes. It can also be found in this directory, \Windows\Bin\relnotes.chm. PowerChute Business Edition 9.x now has energy reporting capabilities, enabling you to monitor the energy consumption of equipment attached to your UPS devices. This includes statistics for:

  • kilowatts consumed
  • energy cost incurred
  • C02 emissions

If your UPS device has Switched Outlet Groups, you can now configure many functions for individual outlet groups, including the following:

  • naming outlet groups, and designating the server with PowerChute Agent;
  • specifying turn-on and turn-off delays for outlet groups;
  • taking actions for an outlet group, like turning the outlet group off immediately;
  • setting up the automatic turn-off of an outlet group under certain conditions, e.g. when the UPS has been on battery for 10 minutes. This is also known as shedding the load.

Automatic update notifications ensure customers are aware and have access to the most up-to-date software.

Authenticated e-mail support means users with password protected e-mail can now receive notifications.

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