Product alert for 2.5-inch 300 GB, 600 GB, 900 GB 10000 rpm hard drive - IBM System x, BladeCenter, Flex Systems


RETAIN tip: H205434


The system's Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)/Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) controller logs indicate multiple 03/11 read errors.

The operating system hardware event logs indicate multiple 03/11 read errors.

A complete list of serial numbers for the affected 300 Gigabyte (GB), 600 GB, and 900 GB Hard Disk Drives is included in this Tip.

Affected configurations

The system is configured with one or more of the following IBM option part numbers:

This tip is not system specific.

This tip is not software specific.

The system has the symptom described above.


In order to determine which hard drives have to be replaced, check the following information:

  1. Check the hard drive serial number listing even if the media errors (03/11) are not shown in log files:

To aid in the process of checking the hard drive VPD and serials numbers to validate that they qualify for replacement, a Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) log can be pulled on every suspected system and sent to IBM. Users then can contact the IBM System x help desk for analysis of those logs and, if they qualify, start the ECA078 process.

A list of phone numbers is available at:

For further assistance, users in the United States (US) and Canada can call the 800-IBM-SERV number.

For users affected with more than three hard drives, the System x Project Office must be engaged. For users with three or fewer affected hard drives, Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) parts will be dispatched for Next Business Day (NBD) arrival (assuming that inventory is available), and the IBM support agent should mention ECA078 in the CRU order record.

For additional information, refer to the Workaround section of this Tip.


Any failed hard drives can be replaced by Business As Usual (BAU) processes, which aim to include Same-Day CRU processes if the machine is entitled to that level of support.

All users who require IBM to facilitate installation must engage the System x Project Office. CRU-only replacement is the prescribed method approved for ECA078.

For additional information, see ECA078 per RETAIN tip H205539 in support document MIGR-5090022.

Note: ECA078 is scheduled for withdrawal on October 10, 2014.

Before replacing any suspected hard drive, check the labels of each hard drive for the following information:

  1. The drive serial number per the following serial number list:

This is what is to be checked on a suspected drive before replacing it:

Hard disk drive label with serial number and other information

IMPORTANT: The disk drive is to be replaced only if all five criteria are met. This means that under certain circumstances the disk drive is not to be replaced, such as when the production date is outside the time frame 2012-01-13 and 2012-04-12, and so forth.

When the replacement parts arrive, take the following steps to migrate the disks into operation:

For RAID-1, RAID-5, or RAID-6 configurations where no hot spare slot is available, use MSM to mark a single disk offline, then prepare it for removal and remove it.

Insert a replacement disk into the same slot that was marked offline, and the rebuild will initiate. If the rebuild does not begin, use MSM or WebBIOS to configure the new disk as a hot spare, and the rebuild will then begin.

Repeat the outlined procedure until all disks have been replaced.

Additional information

The IBM 2.5-inch 300 GB, 600 GB, and 900 GB 10000 rpm hard disk drives issue comes from a manufacturing process defect. The defect leads to drive contamination, and affects the drive's service life duration.

Replacement of all affected hard disk devices listed on the serial number listing is highly recommended.

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