Emulex UCNA Firmware update v4.6.166.9 release 4.0.1 (VMware) - IBM System x3650 M4, x3750 M4

Change history

Firmware version: (supported on IBM System x & BladeCenter)

Problems Fixed:

  • When connected to Cisco Nexus 4k and 5k switches, the virtual link may not recover on a switch port bounce (shut/no shut) in an ESXi environment. A switch port re-bounce will recover the link.
  • When connected to Cisco Nexus 4k and 5k switches, OneCommand Manager reports CRC's and there is poor network performance in an ESXi environment
  • In some cases of heavy traffic or broadcast storm, users can experience a loss of ethernet connectivity or PSOD (ESXi)

Incremental Interoperability:

  • ASU/Config Pattern configuration for iSCSI and FCoE (BE3) UFP for iSCSI (BE3)
  • Support for using 10 Gb ports with legacy 1 Gb switches installed in a BladeCenter-S chassis or MSIM/MSIM-T expansion units in a BladeCenter-H or HT chassis
  • Update Express System Packs now support Linux errata kernels ESXi 5.1

Known Issues:

  • After making changes to any options in the sub-menus under 'controller configuration' in the Emulex UEFI NIC configuration utility and escaping to the prior menu, there is no prompt to save the changes. Be sure to select 'Save' before exiting the configuration menu. Applies to some legacy rack and blade servers.
  • Intermittently, when changing the multichannel mode, the system will not auto-reboot after exiting F1 UEFI setup and will continue through POST.
    Manually reboot the server to ensure all changes are applied. Applies to some legacy rack and blade servers.
  • When using a Cisco Nexus 4001i Switch Module, intermittently the 10 Gb link may come up as 1 Gb link speed. An internal switch port bounce will typically establish a 10 Gb link. Setting the switch port speed to fixed 10000 will also allow a guaranteed 10 Gb connection. More info available in the Cisco Nexus 4001i Switch Module firmware release notes.

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