Emulex LPe1205 (ciov) firmware 2.01a9 - boot code v5.12a11 update for AIX - IBM BladeCenter

Change history

Severity: Initial Release

Emulex Fibre Channel Firmware Package for AIX

Firmware Version: 2.01a9 (w/ 5.12a10 Universal Boot Code)

Incremental Interoperability:

  • UEFI 2.3.1 compatibility

Problems Fixed:

  • Utility in adapter selection screen shows PCIe2.5Gb/s X 4
  • Miscellaneous issues with boot BIOS
  • Emulex 8 GB ciov Port2 does not accept BOFM Boot-order "both"
  • Rhel 6.2 UEFI San boot failed w/ Emulex 8Gb FC
  • Fix potential I2C bus contention

Known Issues:

  • None

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