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Mellanox switch fails to update through Common Information Model (CIM) profile by using UpdateXpress System Pack Installer (UXSPI).

The issue has been seen with Mellanox switches using IPv4/IPv6 SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) with Remote Supervisor Adapter (RSA) key, IPv6 File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and IPv4/IPv6 Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).

After calling InstallFromURI, Chassis Management Module (CMM) CIM returns error:

JobState:10 and Jobstatus: CanÂ’t install image to the active partition.

(where IPv4 = Internet Protocol version 4, IPv6 = Internet Protocol version 6)

Affected configurations

The system is configured with at least one of the following:

The system is configured with one or more of the following IBM options:

This tip is not system specific.

The system has the symptom described above.

Note: This does not imply that the network operating system will work under all combinations of hardware and software.

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This behavior will be corrected in a future release of CMM CIM switch firmware GA5.

The target date for this release is scheduled for second quarter 2014.

The file is or will be available by selecting the appropriate Product Group, type of System, Product name, Product machine type, and operating system on IBM Support's Fix Central web page, at the following URL:


This issue is caused by a Mellanox switch and CMM CIM design conflict. CMM team will provide a reply to Switch team regarding what has changed, and its outlook and impact on this switch flash via CIM.

Update the CMM CIM switch firmware update algorithm to locate and use Non-active image partition in the GA4.1 time-frame with a full retest of all compatible switches.

The CMM and Switch teams agree with the existing CMM CIM code ship for GA4, and that the Mellanox switch update will rely on the existing UXSPI switch shell script, until the CIM code change and retest occurs in a GA4.1 time-frame.


UXSPI fall-back to switch shell script addresses this update issue. If that does not occur, users can update the switch manually thorough Command Line Interface (CLI).

Additional information

Mellanox vendor switches currently deviate from CMM CIM design point for their firmware update, because they currently do not have their non-active image in partition #1, and they do not allow the active image partition to be updated. Mellanox is following the correct partition strategy (as of latest code release) per discussion with the CMM team and patterned after SND switches with multiple current application partitions.

CMM CIM design is now based on locating the non-active image partition and updating it for all firmware images except the SND boot image, which will become a special case. The SND boot image will be identified by a suffix of the update URI with the name 'Boot.img', and be flashed to the switch image partition #1. All other images will be flashed to the partition located as the non-active (also known as backup) image, or the last partition image index if no backup image index is located.

While the above CMM CIM design algorithm can be implemented in code in the GA4 time-frame, a complete retest of All Accipiter GA4 compatible switches is not practical prior to GA4 release date. Therefore, the CMM and Switch teams agree that the existing CMM CIM code ship for GA4, and that the Mellanox switch update rely on the existing UXSPI switch shell script, until the CIM code change and retest occurs in a GA4.1 time-frame.

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