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The new SDLT/LTO Modular Tape Library, model 4560SLX expands the line of tape solutions available to protect your valuable stored data. These tape backup subsystems establish new standards in speed, capacity, scalability, and value to compliment IBM eServer xSeries servers.

The 4560SLX Series tape library is a reliable line of automated tape products that provide customer flexibility to meet growing back-up storage requirements in rack configuration. It supports 26 SDLT cartridges and 30 LTO cartridges(1). These automated tape backup devices support Ultra2 low-voltage differential (LVD) SCSI connections up to 80 MB/s data transfer rates. This depends on many factors and is often less than maximum possible(2).

These high-density, modular automated tape enclosures are available in rack version only. Each 5U high unit contains a power supply and electronics logic. SDLT or LTO drive upgrade and magazine options must be ordered to populate these modules.

This drive option contains a base drive mounted in a mechanical sled. These options will help increase performance and free up systems and IT resources when installed.

This card is supported in 4560 Series SDLT or LTO tape enclosure. It acts as a Fibre Channel (FC) router to provide direct attachment to supported FC host or as part of a SAN network.

(1) When referring to tape drive capacity, GB stands for one thousand million bytes and TB stands for one trillion bytes. Total user-accessible capacity may vary depending on operating environments.

(2) Based on using onboard hardware data compression feature and assuming a 2:1 compression ratio. Data compression is often less than stated.

(3) For information on IBM's Statement of Limited Warranty, call 800-772-2227 or contact your IBM representative or reseller. Copies are available upon request.

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At a glance

Using a modular architecture, the 4560SLX series automated tape enclosure brings performance, capacity, and high-density to enterprise tape backup applications. Key features include:

  • Modular building block architecture
    • Leverages family integration and design
    • Eight libraries can be stacked, and interconnected, to look like one very large library to the network
    • Simple drive upgrades for higher capacity and performance
    • FC card option enables library attachments to SAN networks
    • Easy to service and support
  • High-density form factors - Fits in industry-standard rack
  • Removable magazines
  • Integrated barcode reader for improved media management
  • Hot-plug drive capability - Offline drives can be added or removed without powering down the unit
  • Supported with leading operating systems and popular backup software
  • Three year, limited warranty(1)


  • Three year, limited warranty

Part number information

IBM 4560SLX Tape Library Enclosure - Part numbers

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