BIOS recovery - IBM BladeCenter HS20 (8678)

If your BIOS code has become damaged, such as from a power failure during a flash update, the blade server may appear to be nonfunctional (no video, no beeps). You can recover your BIOS code using the BIOS code page jumper (J12) and a BIOS flash diskette.

Note: To obtain a BIOS flash diskette, download a BIOS flash diskette from the World Wide Web. Go to Software and device drivers - IBM BladeCenter HS20.

Make the selections for your server. The flash memory of your server consists of a primary page and a backup page. The J12 jumper controls which page is used to start the blade server. If the BIOS code in the primary page is damaged, you can use the backup page to start the blade server; then, start the BIOS flash diskette to restore the BIOS code to the primary page. To recover the BIOS code, complete the following steps:

  1. Turn off the blade server.

  2. Remove the blade server from the BladeCenter unit (click Processor removal and installation movie - IBM BladeCenter HS20 for more information).

  3. Remove the cover.

  4. Locate jumper J12 (BIOS code page jumper) on the system board.

System board diagram with jumper J12

  1. Move J12 to pins 2 and 3 to enable BIOS recovery mode.

  2. Replace the cover and reinstall the blade server in the BladeCenter unit, making sure the blade server controls all relevant components.

  3. Insert the BIOS flash diskette into the diskette drive.

  4. Restart the blade server. The system begins the power-on self-test (POST).

  5. Select 1 - Update POST/BIOS from the menu that contains various flash (update) options.

  6. When you are prompted whether you want to move the current POST/BIOS image to the backup ROM location, press N.

    Note: If you press Y, the damaged BIOS will be copied into the secondary page.

  7. When you are prompted whether you want to save the current code to a diskette, press N.

  8. Select your language (0 through 5) and press Enter to accept your choice.

    Note: Do not restart the blade server at this time. Remove the flash diskette from the diskette drive.

  9. Turn off the blade server, remove it from the BladeCenter, and remove the cover of the blade server.

  10. Move J12 to pins 1 and 2 to return to normal startup mode.

  11. Replace the cover and reinstall the blade server in the BladeCenter unit; then restart the blade server. The system starts up.

Statement 21 - danger signs

DANGER: Hazardous energy is present when the blade is connected to the power source. Always replace the blade cover before installing the blade.

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