Overview - IBM eServer xSeries 440


Features and specifications
Processor Up to 8 Intel Xeon MP microprocessors or Up to 4 Intel Xeon DP microprocessors
  • Minimum: 2GB
  • Maximum: 32GB
  • Type: 4-way interleaved PC133MHz, ECC SDRAM, registered DIMMs only
  • Supports 512 MB, 1 GB dual inline memory modules (DIMMs)
  • XceL4 Server Accelerator Cache (up to 64 MB depending on your configuration)
Hard disk drive (HDD) Up to two hot-swap Ultra 160 SCSI hard disk drives per chassis
Networking Dual integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • S3 Savage4 Pro video on system board
  • PCI bus interface
  • Compatible with SVGA
  • 8 MB SDRAM video memory at 125 MHz
Power supply Two hot-swap power supplies (550 watts at 110 V ac or 1050 watts at 220 V ac)
RAID support optional RAID
Configuration 4U rack-optimized
Detailed specifications All specifications for the IBM eServer xSeries 440

Note: Specifications are dependent on the machine type and model


One year on-site limited warranty for parts and labor

For warranty service upgrades and maintenance service, refer to Warranty service upgrades and maintenance services.

Hardware compatibility
For detailed information about IBM and non-IBM devices, adapters, software, and network operating systems supported with xSeries servers, visit the ServerProven compatibility Web site at http://www.ibm.com/servers/eserver/serverproven/compat/us/.

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