Emulex OCe11xxx UCNA Firmware Update v10.2.261.36 for Microsoft Windows - Release IBM14A - IBM Systems and Lenovo x86 Server

Change history

Emulex OCe11xxx UCNA Firmware Package

Firmware Version:

Supported On: IBM System x, BladeCenter, and Flex

Problems Fixed:

  • FRU VPD fields are now properly populated on CN4054 and CN4054R
  • Fixed UE resulting slow boot at UEFI splash screen and NIC devices removed
  • When using VMQ with Windows Server 2012 or 2012R2, the user may experience VM connectivity loss, packet drops, system hangs, inability to shutdown VMs and possible system crashes on shutdown. The complete solution also requires 10.2 based Windows NIC driver.

Incremental Interoperability:

  • Inventory support for the Flex xHMC (Chassis Hardware Management Console)

Known Issues:

  • Server hangs at "Scan for Fibre Devices", when port disable/enable performed on the Brocade Converged 10 Gb Ethernet Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter.
  • Do not force the link down after POST has completed and then attempt a discovery of the SAN. If you do a reboot is needed.(159125)
  • To disable BFS after BOFM or IFM have been enabled, it must be done by setting BFS manually in the EFIBoot config utility or sending a BOFM default command to the port. This is working as expected and we are documenting it here.(159505)
  • Intermittently, 255 vPorts can not be created successfully in Windows with the error "ERROR: <127>: Not enough HBA or fabric resources. VPort not created!". There is no known workaround other than to reduce the number of configured vPorts.(155807)
  • Target login will fail if you dynamically reconfigure the SAN after POST has executed. If you do, then reboot the system.(159121)
  • PXESelect showing incorrect MAC address, bandwidth & SVID values. This bug is a cosmetic issue and only impacts PXESelect. The values which are not displayed correctly in PXESelect can be viewed in UEFI, OCM, and on the switch.(151140)
  • IFM Boot target is consumed on a particular port even though the target is not accessible to that port. IFM/BOFM boot target configuration is not supported. This limitation has existed for several code releases and we are now documenting it here.(159226)
  • "Configurations have changed" message seen in UEFI setup screen when no changes were made. This pop-up can be ignored and will be fixed in a future code release.(159086)
  • The server may hang at "Connecting Boot Devices and Adapters" if both FCoE ports have boot targets configured when using a 10Gb Ethernet Pass-Thru Module for IBM BladeCenter. The server will not hang if only a single port is configured with a boot target.(157137)
  • FCoE VLAN ID is being displayed incorrectly as hexadecimal in UEFI menu.
    This is a cosmetic issue only. The correct VLAN is properly assigned, so there is no functional impact. The actual VLAN ID can be observed elsewhere. (159561)
  • In FCoE configurations with BE3 in UFP mode on System x3690 X5 servers, a UEFI rescan is required to boot to the OS. This renders UFP not supportable in UFP/FCoE configurations(158669)
  • After making changes to any options in the sub-menus under 'controller configuration' in the Emulex UEFI NIC configuration utility and escaping to the prior menu, there is no prompt to save the changes. Be sure to select 'Save' before exiting the configuration menu. Applies to some legacy rack and blade servers.
  • Intermittently, when changing the multichannel mode, the system will not auto-reboot after exiting F1 UEFI setup and will continue through POST.Manually reboot the server to ensure all changes are applied. Applies to some legacy rack and blade servers.
  • When using a Cisco Nexus 4001i Switch Module, intermittently the 10Gb link may come up as 1Gb link speed. An internal switch port bounce will typically establish a 10Gb link. Setting the switch port speed to fixed 10000 will also allow a guaranteed 10Gb connection. More info available in the Cisco Nexus 4001i Switch Module firmware release notes.

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